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School boyz

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Chapter 2 “Helloooo Schoool

"Ugghhh" I say. I look at the time. 7:00pm. I hop out of bed, fix my hair, get dressed, and I went upstairs. I turn left and see my sisters eating their cereal. "Hey, Symone! You know it's the first day of school, right?" Khaleesi says. "Yea." I say. "DADD." I yell. "It's 7:35, where are you!" "I'm Here! Give me a sec." He says. I head to the bathroom and put some gel in my hair. HOW THE FRICK IS IT 7:55!!!!!!!! I hustle to put my shoes on and race out to the car. I'm in the backseat of the car with my sisters and my brother in the front. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to school, 6 minutes to ride bike and 2 and half minutes to drive. Anyway, now we're at school. "This is gonna be a great year" I say as I walk in.

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