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A dim girl in a bright world seems like nothing matters except herself. Had no friends, but little did she know that her whole world in gonna change real quick. :) Until he saw her a somehow got into the thing I like to call "A love Story"

Humor / Romance
Symone Sanders
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 “First Things First”

I moved to this town in 2nd grade in February. That wasn't a big surprise. I always moved. I always made friends right away. Intill I learned the hard way of Hazen.

Everyone was....... rude. They didn't care that I moved here. I was DEFINITELY SURPRISED now. In 3rd grade, well I was the teachers pet. 4th grade, nothing happened. And I'm in 5th grade now, which is AWESOME!! In 5th grade, we were the oldest of the elementary. Now I know what your thinking, "So? Who cares? You get more work, more classes more everything!" But that's where you're wrong my friend, the best part about that is....... no big brother!!! Now normally, siblings wouldn't be in this, but this detail is low key my whole 5th grade year. My big brother would always be embarrassing me, looking out for me, STALKING ME!!!! So this was kinda a huge deal. Without him I could do WHATEVER I wanted and STILL wouldn't be told on! If you can't relate, we can't be friends. But tomorrow's the first day of school, wish me luck.

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