Broken Crayons

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What happens when you have to keep changing your location so that a man you love won't be able to get you attested? What do you do when he now thinks you are missing and is desperatly trying to find you? What would you do when you begin to fall in love with the family of nine siblings?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

I have been on the run for two years now. The only properties I possess was a small bag of toiletries, a duffle bag of clothes and my second hand Honda Civic 2014 model.

I live in a closet sized apartment, never kept a job for more than a month, because I kept moving from town to town. Currently, I am in Frankfort, Kentucky and I have exhausted my one month stay.

What am I running from? You ask. I'll tell you.

I'm running from the police, a man name Aaron-Sam Sterling sent them arrest me.

I worked for him for about a year as a cook, then I got framed by his girlfriend and he called the cops. As much as he was attractive, he was stupid. I mean; why would I steal his father's ashes from his parents room? To make coffee?

The thing that was even more ridiculous was i'm in love with him.

I have never stolen anything from the Sterlings before which actually means a lot. The mansion was literally dripping with wealth. They were so rich that if a worker took a misplaced 24 karat gold necklace, no one batted an eye. And I will steal an urn of all goddamn things! A man's remains.

When the cops came to arrest me, his mother begged him to call them off, but nothing she said was able to clear the fog his girlfriend covered his brain with.

Now imagine my shock when I see him on the news, looking like a puppy that was caught in a storm. Cheeks sunken, hair unkempt, vicious looking eye bags and a stubble. The man hated facial hair as far as I knew.

I almost died when I realized that he was making an appeal to the public to make contact with him if anybody sees me.


What in the world have I done now? After two years.

Posters have been set up in New York with the word 'MISSING' boldly written underneath.

Seeing as this was a sign from the universe, I immediately started my journey to Maine. It was spring and I knew the state would be at it's coldest now.

It would cost me approximately 19 hours on the road but I promise myself that I'm not moving because of Aaron-Sam anymore.

I actually had initial intentions to make this a short story but with the amount of ideas in my head, I highly doubt it.

Please DO NOT steal my work or use it for your inspiration or translate it. Pirates be warned.

Updates are going to be SLOW because I write with my phone and I currently have other books I'm working on.

That should be all.

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