Finding my mate

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Mellissa turned 17 yesterday and was looking for her mate, after she found him, trouble came to her and she was kidnapped.

Humor / Romance
Black and white
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Chapter 1


"Hey! Mellissa!" Someone called behind me, I turned around and saw my friends panting and running over.

"Hello, Zoe and Jasmine, what-," My sentence was interrupted as Zoe and Jasmine hugged me tightly.

"I know you know I love hugs but I love air better," and at last they let me go. I gasped for air as they giggled."Okay guys what"'s wrong, why are you so excited? "I smirked, of course I know what's going on, all their juicy secrets are written on their faces.

" Mmph, let guess, "I said and they all groaned, they know what I am about to do." Shopping! "I shouted and they looked at me surprised.

I normally had to do a bunch of things but today I just wanted to surprise them.

On our way to school I saw this cut little dog, looking at me for help, it's leg is broken and his paws are bloody. That was when I noticed that it is actually a wolf!

I stared into it's eyes where I saw that they are close to human eyes. I gasped as I called my mum.

Since I am an white werewolf I am stronger and Zoe's father is a beta and Jasmine"s father is a amega. Since that no silver can harm me.

"Mom, injured wolf in our way to school," I said in short cuts, it is a werewolf and I can sense it rogues fought it having the alpha blood - is-just-great.

"Coming sweetheart, is it a he/she?," she asked.

"I don't know, it hasn't shifted yet,"

"Is it a rogue?"

"No, no red eyes and it was attacked by a rogue,"

"Okay on my way," She said.
She came in seconds since our house is just nearby.

A few of our pack members carried it into the truck and mom went back and the wolf looked at me in appreciation.

We walked to school and Zoe and Jasmine haven't been speaking.

" Guys I know that you are shocked to see a werewolf on the road side but just speak okay?"

They snapped out of their gaze and Zoe finally spoke"sorry Mellissa but I am just thinking of something, "

" yeah sorry Mellissa, " Jasmine muttered
" okay I will join you guys later," I said as I waved them of, "

I sat on the bench myself, and went for lunch. I sat between Zoe and Jasmine and I was glad that they started talking like normally.
"So you guys got your tongues back?" I asked joking and I can't keep the straight face, that's when we all laughed, non stop.

We then had PE, that is not the worst thing but double period? "Did I tell you that I hate PE?" I asked and they nodded in agreement.

We walked home as memories flooded into my mind, the wolf, injured with bloody paws, must have been silver bullet or something.

We went home as I opened the door and mum was standing there and I started flooding her with questions "Who is it? How is it? Is it okay?"

My mum said"well, go see yourself, " she led the way down to the dinning room, there sat a girl with bandaged legs, she didn't see me until I said" hello? "it sounded more like a question and she snapped her head at me" Hello, thank you for saving me today, "

" We took a silver bullet from her leg, "Mom explained I new that was coming.

" By the way whee is Zoe and Jasmine?" mom asked" oh they are h- wait, Zoe?Jasmine?"

They popped their head out," Um, I thought you guys were having a conversation and wouldyoubelievethatwethoughtitwillbenicetowalkawaybutsomethingpulledusback? "

I raised an eyebrow and mind linked them" talk slowly and BTW we weren't talking about anything so you can be here, " they nodded and then came over.

" Mom? Were is dad and Justin?"i asked, Justin is my older brother, a future alpha and my dad is the alpha, right now.

" oh your dad is in the office and Justin... Using the bathroom," she said and blushed since there is a guess and she is listening to every word we are saying.

I know it is weird but Justin always goes to the bathroom, that is why I named him the bathroom guy.

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