Life in Quarantine

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This poem reflects the changes ,disturbances and other events occurred due to a non-curable disease by corona virus. This is full of humor and laughter..

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Life in quarantine is so lame;

Every yesterday and tomorrow is same.

Those who start to work from home, are jumbled.

Silence rules everywhere, even thunder gives a silent rumble.

Masks and hand sanitize-rs are trending nowadays.

Life’s getting crazy day by day.

Son plays, mom scolds, dad mobs;

But no one robs.

Everyone is out of business;

Because Corona is in business.

Economy is falling, Medicine is rising.

Work rate is negative, sleep rate is infinity.

Devil waits in hell, people wait in home;

Wishing for this war to end well.

If even after this long month anyone thinks that he is alone;

Then prevent your phone or create a clone.

I can’t count my inbox mails.

Life in a quarantine no less than life in jail.

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