Susannah’s life

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Hi I am Susannah I am actually making this story! This is what my life is!:)

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Susannah’s life

Hi I am Susannah, This is kind of a diary but not. So I am at school and something crazy happened! My boyfriend left me, I mean he was the one! He even sat with me instead of the boys. And then we had fun gossip went around, I liked be the center of attention! But that was be for I knew what they were gossiping about my boyfriend liked someone else! He even what on dates with her! Talk to you later!

Ahhhhh!!! I am freaking out I wrote the wrong date for the end of the year test I thought it was next week not today!!! I have not studied at all!!! I am going to fail 7th grade!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Hopefully I will talk to you next time with good news!:(

Guess what I failed 7th grade but I know a way to be in 8th grade! I am going to change my name and my look! How much does to cost to change your name and skip a grade and get a whole new wardrobe?...... to much. And to much time.:(

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