The Roomates

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Kaytiln has just moved to Honolulu,Hawii to San diego,Califonia for college and is now roomates in a big house with 12 brothers join her in this story about love,heart break,family,and friendship. Side note I hated writing this corny ass summary that a person narrating a disney movie would say but its the best I could come up with also I swear the story isn't as corny as the summary also my first full story so enjoy.

Humor / Romance
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Authors Note

This is my first story so please bear with me also I hate discription this is not my first story but my first story im actualy commited to so if I but I uasally quite because of how long it takes to discribe someone but I'll try also I hope that you will excuse how many curse words will be in this I curse alot in real life and its bcome a habit but im trying to get better also the dioulge will be diffrent fom how you usally see it instead of Name "random words" or this "random words" Name it will be like this

Name:random words

and the thoughts will be like this

Name:(random thought)

but other than that I hope you enjoy my story and please show me some love and COSRUCTIVE critisim is always welcome but flat of hate wil get your ass BLOCKED so other than that stay safe and be careful

Oh side note: I will sometimes comment in my stories of give funny or weird notes of what happend during me writing that part and if I end a note or as message like this with a darlings or babes please don't feel weird or upset I have alot of siblings and when I was growing up being the oldest I got the habit from her since I was like the second mom some people don't like it and if you don't ignore it cause a habit Im not playing to stop but stay safe and stay at home but love yall Bye!!

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