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"This might kill you." "Let's get on with it then"

Humor / Action
Stoned Seaturtle
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Chapter 1



He said keep going left, and I would never get lost.

That fucking liar.

I knew I never should have believed him.

Yet I did, like a child.

I stared at the wall in front of me in distaste.

Silently cursing myself for getting into this mess in the first place.

... But it’s hard when your father is a fucked up veteran and you were trained to be a soldier since the day you could walk...

A soldier who that could fight with ease, kill with nothing but her fingers. I could disappear without a trace, and hack into the highest security system without breaking a sweat.

I am fully qualified modified to be Daddy’s Lil Killer.

My name is Six.

And I am not quite sure I’m human anymore.

Anyway, lets get on with the story.

That fucking wall...

I was running from two police men. I did nothing bad. I’m just.... borrowing... their handcuffs.

You see, I had gone to the shopping center to scout for potential victims.

I had no luck for hours, until I saw these two idiots. They were outside Sugar & Spice, a sweet little bistro close to the entrance of the mall.

One of the policemen was sat on the bench, his face chubby and young, pot belly folding over his belt as he ate, a donut.


I know.

The other policeman, was not much of an upgrade. He was so skinny, if it weren’t for the uniform, he’d pass as a homeless man. He made up for not having hair by having a thick beard. Although, the beard looked like it was saving leftovers from breakfast... Or lunch.

Anyway, I had successfully swiped the handcuffs without them noticing by merely passing by twice.

And now they’re chasing me.

How rude.

My crazy roommate’s superstition is, ‘Whatever you do go left, and you won’t get lost, or stuck.’

Well, Nyrobi, you’re wrong, what a fucking surprise!

Wish she were here so I could punch her in the face.

I stood glaring at the wall

I could hear them.

They’re catching up, and quickly.

I guess there’s only one thing to do...

Climb the god-forsaken wall.

I quickly gripped the bricks with my fingertips, and scaled the wall.

I sighed with relief as I reached the top and saw a garbage canbelow, perfect for softening my landing.

I am way to sober for this.

I looked behind me and saw the police staring up at me.

“You’re insane!” the policeman with the pot belly yelled, icing covering his cheeks.

I laughed, winking at the policemen.

“I know. Isn’t that great?”

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