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Friendships may start in weird places. Ours started at one simple meeting. She helps me up when I fall and never leaves me behind. This book is based on true events, every single detail is true. This is our story.

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A week before

I sit at my table doing my schoolwork. I can't wait for this week to be over.
I click on a link and finish my work. I sit back and sigh.
" Ok now go read," My stepmom says.
I stand up and walk towards the bookshelf. I stare at it for a while before choosing, ' The Fault In Our Stars' which I've read a million times already.
I sit back down and begin reading. After about an hour I sigh because my day is over. I was sunburn because of being outside for too long but it started disappearing and I was relieved.
As I get ready for bed I start to feel insecure about my body. I'm used to being called, ' fat, ugly' and many other slurs. I stare in the mirror and tears fall from my eyes.
I had just gotten away from depression and now it's coming back, I can be happy one moment and want to kill myself another.
I throw my shirt on and stare at my scars. I wipe my eyes and crawl into my bed. And like they say, ' When you cry yourself to sleep, it's like god saying you've cried enough go to sleep' My family was never particularly religious but I still believe in him and I always will.
When I cut myself I used to think it was helping me, but I later found out that I could seriously hurt myself. My parents later found out and took me to get some help.
I eventually fall asleep.
The days go on and eventually it's Thursday.
I get woken up to do school work. I get up and grab my computer. I was stressed these days because of the Coronavirus and it was hard sometimes to finish my work. I clicked on my classwork and realized I was late for a meeting. I click on the link and join the meeting.
( I'm going to skip through most of the day because then it would get straight up boring so yeah!)
I close my computer and grab a plate. I put some food on it and start eating. I was silent and nobody asked why.
I decide to go straight to bed after dinner because why not? I was tired and wanted to be alone.
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