The Alpha's Little Devil

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"Stop talking." "But-" "No, stop." "But I just want to s-" "I mean it!" "Dang, who peed in your cheerios, Mr. I have no manners and use-" "Do you ever stop talking?" I paused. "I just did." I held back my giggle as he sighed. He could suck on it for all I cared. Not on my ring pops though - I like those. Shoot, what if he already took one? The jerk! Samantha Joy, otherwise known as Sammy J., is quite the character. Her mate, Luca Giarrusso, doesn't quite know how to keep up with her...or if he wants to. So, what happens when they collide? Light versus darkness, the sun versus the moon, a field of daisies vs. a huge freaking bulldozer. Oh, what a beautiful disaster they are. The rainbow after a hurricane.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1


My name is…

(Wait for it, wait for it…drumroll please…)


I hope y’all are jumping up and down in your seats right now. And if you didn’t do the drumroll, you should be ashamed.

Shame. On. You.


Anyways, this is The Alpha’s Little Devil, starring Samantha and Luca - a match made in heaven.

SIKE - they’re a mess!

But they’re my mess, and I love them.

So, before you read this book, I just want to warn you. You may cry. You may laugh until you poop your pants. You may get really frustrated with the characters. You may gasp in shock. And you may just sit there chilling with your cookie and your slushies, shaking your head and reacting on the inside because you have a really bad case of my face doesn’t change no matter what my emotions are. (It’s all good because I’m sick with that too).

But as long as you feel something, great! That’s the goal!

Please, give this book a chance. I really do try my best.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a more serious read, you can try my other work - “Why Marie Forgot To Smile”. That one might just be a real heart breaker. But we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

With that all said and done, we have to get to the nasty, grimy part.

Please, please, please don’t take any of my work. I really do try my best, and every word means something to me. So, write something that means something to you too. You’ll make MAGIC.

If any of you do find my work elsewhere, please message me! I appreciate it.

Okay, let me stop now. There’s probably only one person reading this.

On to the story!


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