The Theory of a Disgraced Author, Vol. 1

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You’ve probably turned to this mess because it was recommended to you as a self-help or a crappy writing advice book, didn’t you? This ain’t that kind of story bruv. Taki Takishima is your average high school student and that's that... other than his equally mediocre writing, he does not have any interesting qualities whatsoever. However, this is what makes him the most interesting individual: he has a building theory of what one considers to be a disgraced author. This is the adventures of Taki Takishima the unmotivated young author as he tries to prove the theory he has built in his mind.

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Morita Asakawa
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My name is Taki Takishima. 16 years old. Entering in the second year of senior high school in Kamigaoka Academy. I am having the time of my life so far: I had real good friends, I’m an ace defender in football, and I have a wonderful girlfriend!

"You are awesome, Taki-kun!"

Recently, I have attained the top spot in our class’s midterms. I worked hard, studied all day and all night, restlessly, without breath— you get the idea. And wouldn’t you know it I have been selected as coach for a youth charity event in Kamigaoka!

This is great!

Life is great!

Youth is great!

Uhh no. No, no, no.

Nuh-uh. Zilch, zip, nada.

This so called life is great that they say?

Now, that takes the cake of total bullshit among all disasters.

Let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Taki Takishima. I am 16 years old, and my youth is a disaster. I don’t have any friends. I never try out in any sports because you’ll bet your ass I’ll suck at it.

I don’t have a girlfriend because people are scared of being around me, and this youth is great bullshit that they say come from the teachers who just want a good reputation in Kamigaoka Academy.

In fact, Taki Takishima being a student of this academy is irony incarnate.*

Honestly I don’t blame them, they probably miss their youth or so, but considering what I’ve been through: life is not great. Might I even add that life isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. The proof is within the theories of my existence.

*Author’s Note: The first kanji in Kamigaoka (上) is also the first kanji for jouzu (上)

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