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World is evil around you. Its hard to believe anyone, sometimes even among your relatives too. People talk abt women safety, equality, and values. But unfortunately, no one talks about sex related issues. Is tht so bad to talk or discuss about it. Nowadays, news paper is filled with sexual assault, rape, acid attack, and blackmails. Why does the happen? And how does police, society are gonna help that victim. We must care for victims and survivors from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations.

Humor / Mystery
Dhiraj tiwari j
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Sudden, turn in my life

Rape? It's a question among in many people minds. Was isn't? It is a illness of mental and a physical state.

What Does makes wild & sick man to do that?

If you look from an eye of women, you will find a world filled with monsters, scary people around them. Because you get pointed out and judgement for what the way you are!
A women, has many phases in her life to go through.

Women get molested in someway throughout their life time once. According to some source, in America 1 out of 5 girls are abused in their life. In Africa, Europe, mid East Asia & Australia where many more rapes take place in this regions.And country like India is worst among this. And the reason behind this is lack of education & knowledge.

Fact: one women reported to rape in every 15 minutes in an average in India,according to government data.

You will be stunt to know that, around 98% of rape is made by person whom the victim/survivor or his family members know already.

Women reported almost 34,000 rapes in 2018, barely changed from the year before. Just over 85 per cent led to charges, and 27 per cent to convictions, according to National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) -- the annual crime report released by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Let's get it straight..

Rape or sexually assault is found in males more then women.... Its a kind of aggressive, angry, sadism, loneliness, mental illness, dominant & many more reason are available in rapist.

Have u ever wondered wht happened to those rape victims? And how their life moves on?And what happen to there families.?

Victim's /survivors completely loose their confidence, courage & self respect. They don't have any desire or destination to reach in life. Victims are primarily be in shock, like what just happened.

The whole body is in such condition like, you have given some anesthetic during surgery, where you don't even feel a bit pain. Its horrible even to think about that.

Let me tell you a small story here.

It was year of 2015, when John college of arts had fairwell party for 1st year students. Meena & priya are become best friend in some months of bonding. June 5, at 3pm both girls met in bus stand & reached college together. Both are excited & eagerly waiting for others friends to come & join them in parking lot. Students are allowed to wear fancy dress.

Meena was wearing saree as her mom told. She was like classical Indian cinema heroine in tht saree. Priya, her family is Punjabi & no doubt she was little modern girl. She chosen stylish pink salwar suit. The party was awesome & both girls enjoyed it.meena took many pictures with her other friends.

It's around 9;40pm, when both girls set out towards home. After waiting for 15minutes,bus came & girls got in. Since, meena was wearing saree for first time, it was quite difficult for her to handle. And decided to sit near the door.priya gave her company there.

After two stops, a man with her wife & daughter of 2years got in. Priya was eating some snacks & meena was talking to her frds. After 15 minutes, nxt stop came & three teenage boys came. Both of them, didn't notice tht boys & kept doing their work.
One among tht teenagers, came & sat at back seat. A couple of moments later both the boys sat around the girls. Priya got panicked & started shaking with fear. Meena tried to convince and calm her down.
One boy, tired to touch meena from behind. First, she moved a little bit to avoid that nonsense. But the boy didn't stopped his act. Meena push him away but another teenager boy gave her a slap. And called her" you piece of bitches ".
And now some of you, will be thinking about why she didn't ask for help or anything?

Well, they are other 3 mens in that bus too. But, Noone came to rescue the girls at that moment. The boys continued the harassment & abusing both the girls. It stopped, when both girls started crying in fear and asked the driver to stop the bus. Priya was completely shocked & deaf. Meena pulled her out, both walked towards home around 10:35pm.

Was that priya & meena mistake? Or tht happened because of their dresses? Why noone came forward to protect & help them?

Well, that's our society. People here, always blame women's for nonsense. Till something horrible happens to them, noone will their mouth & take a stand.

Many of you, would have heard such things from someone. Many of us, would felt rush of blood in their arteries after knowing such miserable acts are taking place around the world. But I believe that, instead of telling women what to wear & how. We should teach our children's, what are their limits & boundaries.

GOVERNMENT OF EVERY COUNTRY have made many laws & orders to protect & bring justice to the person and his family members.

Some laws, which protect women's..

*Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
*Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013
*Indian Divorce Act, 1969
*Equal Remuneration Act, 1976
*Hindu Widows Remarriage Act, 1856
*Muslim women (protection of rights on divorce) Act, 1986
*Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961

But its not possible by government & police personnel to protect all. We, the people should come forward and look after the women and make them feel comfortable. That women can be yours co-workers, friends,neighbours, daughter, sister and colleagues too.

And I'm really happy that nowdays, women's are coming up for their rights & fighting for it. And raising their voice for justice. Media, journalists & NGO's are helping people in their tough times.

I sincerely hope that, one day we are gonna make it out of this dark clouds & feel the sunshine. People have to put more effort, to make this place safe & comfortable for every single women around.

I know, we have to go long way in order to achieve that. But we are ready to pay any price for it.

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