Strange Bride

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Chris and his friends delve into a new world where they learn oppa is no ordinary guy and sasuke complex is no ordinary illness and so more.

Humor / Romance
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It was a normal day as it could get. My wife is being weird again. It’s nothing new. It’s been like this since our marriage. I just can’t seem to understand why she says those weird things and act like I am the weird one. That’s how Chris was trying to explain his married life to his friends.

“She sure is giving you a hard competition in the weird department dude”, Rob said.

“She talks in code language with her friends whenever I am nearby.”

“You and Shawn had one too when you were little. What did you guys you used to say, don’t be otter potter Rob.” Rob mimicked the line like a hyena in labor.

It was ugly. It can cause serious harm to any living being.

“Don’t laugh you idiots”. His best friend Shawn said.

Chris was just trying not be paranoid at that point. Chris liked her when he first met her. It didn’t seem like she was the cheating type. She actually takes good care of him. So where did things go wrong?

“So what happened today?” Norman asked.

“We were doing our usual morning routine and I left the house saying goodbye. She was chasing after me out of nowhere. She tripped into thin air right in front of me and I caught her just in time. I was going to ask her if she was okay but she was staring at me and suddenly started to smile creepily. I was freaked out and thought she hit her head or something but that wasn’t the case as save her from face planting. Th..the...then she said I made her doki doki. I swear I heard dickidicki. I couldn’t believe what I heard and let her fall.”

Rob was laughing his hyena laugh and I don’t have any words to describe Norman’s laughing. It was just inhumanely. I didn’t bother looking at Weston.

“What did she say? Was she angry?” Shawn asked.

That’s why Shawn was his best friend, Chris thought. He always asks the right question.

“That’s the frustrating part. She didn’t say anything. Just smiled at me sadly and gave me my wallet.”

“She was holding onto your wallet and you couldn’t hold her right. Her cardio was for nothing then.” Weston the ass centaur smirked at me like he knew some inside joke that I wasn’t part of.

Like I didn’t know that already that my life has become an inside joke that I wasn’t no part of.

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