Strange Bride

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Sasuke complex

It was a normal day again. The things in Chris’s life haven’t changed much. His patience was hanging by a thin thread and on top of that he was standing on the edge of a damn cliff. He couldn’t just let go and had to hang on that annoying thin thread. That’s how Chris was explaining his life situation to his friends.

“To me you were just describing the sheer will to poop when I have constipation. If I let go I have to be constipated the whole day”. Norman said.

The idiots are making fun of him again and he can’t even get mad.

“Yeah Chris, are you sure you are talking about your married life? Seemed like you were describing what we face every day to overcome constipation. “Rob said.

“Seriously I am just grossed out now. There should be some kind of law that can be talked about when one is in front of holy food. Stop snickering and let Chris finish his part. “Shawn said.

Shawn has always been like that. He always has Chris’s back always.

“So what happened? Trouble in your not so paradise chris? “Weston said with his damn smirk.

Smirk all you want but I know you are constipated too. It’s written all on your face, Chris thought in his mind.

" She had a cold. She didn’t tell me but I noticed it. I asked her about it and told her not to make dinner. We will have takeout for dinner. She smiled at me and said subarashii. I didn’t pay much attention to that as she was on medicine and has been babbling the whole time. Then I got a call from Shawn. He was stuck with his broken car nearby and asked me to pick him up. So I told her that and you know what she said. That I have such a sasuke complex. Before I could ask her if anything was already asleep.”

“Try googling it. You can find anything on the internet nowadays.” Shawn said.

“I did. It was a cartoon character. There was no mental illness like that.” It was a sleepless night.

“Chris would go to Alaska for Shawn just to bring his ass back, won’t you chris?“Weston stated.

I would but that has nothing to do with this situation.

Weston again smirked. Ughh I just can’t stand his damn constipated face.

Apparently his life has become a tale of constipation.

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