Strange Bride

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A gorilla whose banana was given back

Naomi’s pov [The Bride]

That day was a normal one yet a gloomy one. I could still see the clouds gathering in the sky. It was ready to pour out anything in it. It was ready to let go and become less gloomy. It floats to places and has this fluffiness to it but even then it couldn’t escape the darkness. They hurt and hurt and pour it out when they couldn’t take it anymore. That’s why when I was little I wanted to be a cloud not because they look like cotton candy. I wanted to pour out all my hurt like rain. Wishful thinking for a girl who collects hurt as a side hobby.

The day Naomi learned Strangers can be your soul mates......

I just lost my chance of internship in a place that was probably as desperate as me to fill the position. I should have known better but I don’t ever. The clouds would dump all their hurt on me any time now so why am I acting like I have an invisible umbrella that would protect me from all that hurt. There’s no way she can now buy the latest limited edition of the manga she loves to hate. She loves it cause she loves this guy in it who’s not even a hero and she hates it cause well ...cause she loves the guy. She feels like crying and she would. Everyone would stare at her so be it. She would act like she’s in some kind of cliché drama and the hero just was 5 seconds late to their first date and that would help. So cry Naomi did in a full blown busy road of a city all the while thinking that her date was 5 seconds late.

Suddenly there was an overcoat surrounding her which smelt like lemon and honey and wood after rain. ″why are you sniffing like a fox in a hunt? Are your nose stuffed or something? When my noses get stuffed I feel like a cheetah who was us informed he was a deer all along and all his life was a damn lie. ″huh?″ ’Yeah it’s that bad. You should probably do something before you turn into a deer.I know You are probably upset but It’s important to know basic survival rules.”

″Do I know you? Basic survival rules.″ “I know I just offered my coat to save these people around you. Crying face is an ugly face. My friends won’t let me cry cause they say I look way too inhuman to look at and they always hide my crying face. So always cry where no one can look at you so they always remember your smiling face.”

″Are you saying I look ugly right now. Let me tell you I have a beautiful crying face.″

“As I thought you are the naïve type. You lack basic survival instincts too. First rule of survival is not to take anything from strangers even in your dreams. They apparently give you donkey piss instead of divine liquid and curse you for life. ”


“It may seem not to be an important thing but I have learned first hand. Ask me.The people who look supernormal to you are probably the total scammer type.”

Now I am looking at him properly ,he is a total looker. With his glasses and that dreamy look[For future reference chris didn’t look dreamy , he was just sleep deprived cause he was running away from that scammer looking lady who was holding donkey piss in a ass shaped pot or it was a donkey’s back side who knows]

When the guy finished his donkey piss story ,she connected the dots why he looks familiar. He just looks like the guy in the manga that she loves to hate. She found him. New tears were forming in her eyes again from happiness this time but she won’t cry.

“Can I have your number so I can give your coat back later. I was just informed I have to save all these people from my ugly face and I don’t want to lose a shot of my only chance in being a superhero. ”

‴Stranger danger, remember what I taught you just now? I work in this building and ask for Chris and or you could leave the coat in the lobby.Don’t start crying again , you totally look like a gorilla whose banana was just stolen. Give me your phone. I will save my name under the survival rules instructor. Stop crying before you turn into a real monkey’

“You said I was a gorilla. You just can’t turn your words so easily. I like being a gorilla whose banana was given back .”

“I agree. Now that you aren’t crying you look like a gorilla whose banana was given back. Don’t be slow like the hare and win the race like the tortoise. Better remember it.”

The only thing I remember from that day is the feeling of the warmth of the coat and oh one more thing that stranger can be soulmates.[Total opposite of what chris said]

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