Strange Bride

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Boys fear touches

The first rule of friendship is to have each other’s back. Second one should be to keep each other’s secret. The most important one is never betray each other. If words got out outside the circle everyone will be heavily penalized except the victim. The penalties are following:

1. The criminals have to say I love you to the victim individually.

2. They have to hug the victim individually. [not a manly one but a warm one that’s warmth have to felt a long time - suggested by Shawn]

3. The criminals have to say 5 nice and loving things to the victim.[suggested by Weston, he was that desperate]

4. The criminals have to send the victim to a nice vacation.[suggested by Chris]

When the stakes were high and the punishment were that severe, the 5 of them were never uttered about the secret that every one of them wanted to desperately protect.

The secrets that they wanted to protect were their nicknames when they were school. Some would think what harm a simple nickname could do. Only the ones with the nicknames know the pain. The following should be read with caution and should be never uttered ever outside.

Robust Rob - The name may not sound harmful but how he got that is crucial here. When they went on a field trip in six grade, Rob was grabbed by an upperclassman when he was pissing. Then rob screeched like a banshee and there went his piss watering the plants and making both of them wet. When asked why grabbed Rob like that, he said that he was robust and looked exactly like his girlfriend. Some even said the name suited him and it rhymed.

Nobody Norman- Again the name itself may sound harmless but the story behind it would change your mind. Norman was invited by a girl to her kitty party. Norman didn’t know what kitty party was then and the girl didn’t deem it worthy to mention. He didn’t see any harm as he used to think she was pretty and he was in fourth grade. A fourth grade kid doesn’t think things through. He went to the party and was pretty surprised to see everyone in pink and in a tiara. They were kind enough to land him one. When the other girls realized that he was a totally different species and asked what he is. The host replied that he was nobody, just a pony.

Mr. Constipatty- He is none other than Weston. His constipation was widely known and he was kind of a legend back then. He even used to brag about it that he could go without pooping for freaking 10 days. Some even saw him avoiding fibreless food later. He is always now seen carrying a special liquid all the time.

Scattered Sauce- Shawn was a naïve kid to put it politely. One night Shawn saw something red scattered on the floor when he was playing with his toys. Like not any other normal kid at all, he thought it was his blood. A blood that came from without any wound. He went to his mom hysterically and pissed his pants and fainted at the same time. Later he was informed it was just scattered sauce.

Sissy Chrisy- Chris was taught to be polite all his life. He took that lesson way too seriously. Some even bullied him and used to push him around. Coincidentally they were all girls. Once a girl hit him and he was seen crying loudly from the hit. His friends told him that he was such a sissy and he should cease crying as his crying face was inhumanly ugly. He should not let them suffer like that.

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