Strange Bride

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My personal hedgehog

I was ready to say it all and finish this fiasco once for all and ready to pen a new chapter of my life. I was outside the front door just about pressing the bell. All of a sudden the door opened and I saw her.

I knew the universe was hell bent on making me drink donkey piss but didn’t know that it was out to get me in every way.

There stood my personal hedgehog. She saw me and I saw her turned into an evil incarnate in a blink of my eye.

“Hey waste of oxygen. Heard that being dumb is your new kink now.” Serah, Naomi’s bff said.

I wasn’t in the mood at all. I would have said something back some other time but not that day. Naomi swatted her head. I was in a Romeo mood but I didn’t know that.

“How can you say that to me? I am the Ryan to your Blake, I am the Ron to your Hermione. I am the Priyanka to your Jonas.” I blurted out. No wonder people are calling me dumb shit in broad daylight now a days. I was supposed to say that to Naomi.

Both girls have dumb founded look on their face and they laughed out. I have to minimize the damage. There’s a big ass gap in my whole dignity now.

“Apparently kiss assing a dumb shit is your kink Serah. No wonder you are dating Weston.” I walked fast to my room and shut the door before I blurt out some more embarrassing things like how I used to wet my pants just at the mention of cockroaches. I heard them whispering outside but I wasn’t in the mood to eavesdrop. Serah left but Naomi didn’t come to the bedroom. I found her in the kitchen.

“Naomi, do u have a second? I need to clarify something. The thing I said to Serah, I was practicing in my head to tell you.”

“Which one? The one where you said that you are my Priyanka to Jonas or kiss assing a dumb ass being my new kink?” She raised her eyebrows. It felt like if she could she would have raised those all the way to the sky.

“Both I guess. I was brought to light today and was informed that I am a dumb shit. I think I will wing it to make it the new Einstein like that saying orange is the new black.”

“How can you be Priyanka and I Jonas?” I knew Naomi would make it easy for me but not this easy. It was the perfect reply to my dumb ass question. How did she know it was the right thing to say?

“Me being taller and older than you.” I scratched my head and gave her a sheepish smile.

Naomi burst out laughing and hugged me.

“I know what you are going to tell. You want to make a lifelong pledge to watch anything I want with me. Weston called Serah and told about your alpha male outburst. I seldom get to see it. I like it when you act alpha for me.”

“I can alpha ,beta, theta anything you want. I am diverse like that and apparently I am dumb shit who’s the new Einstein.”

“So oppa, do you have any plans for this evening because you have some cockroaches to kill? I just saw one behind you a moment ago.”

The screech That Chris gave after that was heard in the mars and Naomi’s laugh was heard in Antarctica continent.


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