The singer and the songwriter (Book 1)

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"So let me get this straight..." I said looking at his green eyes, "You want me to be your new songwriter" I continued as he smiled his toothy smile, "Yes.. now you understand" he smiled leaning towards me making me step back my heart thumping like a bass drum, I nerdy Stella was going to be the new songwriter for Ryder Moore Sensational teen singer Ryder Moore has it all, the cheering fans, his famous signature smile and of course his hot body and his flirty jokes, As in another world, awkward, clumsy and nerdy songwriter Stella struggles to finish her senior year without no pranks, But when they cross paths, they sing their way through love and compassion for music, but end up falling for each other Well it's time to rock and roll and laugh in this comedy story.

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Meet the characters

Ryder Moore

Sensational teen singer who is always cracking jokes and flirting with girls who are way out of his league, He has gorgeous green eyes and awesome black hair.

Stella Evans

Awkward 17-year old who is clumsy, and did I mention really awkward, But in her spare time she loves listening to music and also writes her own songs, she has baby blue eyes and long brunette hair, she also wears black rimmed glasses.

Penelope Michaels (Penny)

Stella's best friend since kindergarten who is best described as a stylish, sassy girl who has dark eyes and brown wavy hair, and occasionally dyes her hair whenever she feels like it.

Jordan Kingsley

Ryder's best mate who loves food, partying and flirting with girls who are way out of his league. He has gorgeous blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Veronica Lee

She claims to be the boss of the school just because her father is the principal of the school and will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. With her auburn locks and her blue eyes, she can burn the school with one finger.

Catrina Boyle

One of Veronica's minions, with her light brown hair and green eyes you may think she's one of the innocent people, well think twice.

Kelila Matthews

Veronica's other minion, but even though she's taught to be respectful and in a wealthy family, she's a nightmare with her red braided hair and dark brown eyes.

Darlene Moore

Ryder's uptight and fussy mother who believes that everything Ryder does either ruins his reputation or sets a bad example for Ryder's younger sister. With her short blonde hair and green eyes, she can get you fired with a snap of her finger.

Vinny Edwards

Ryder's father, who believes that life is too good to be uptight and it's important to let loose ( which is true) with his dark hair and green eyes, he can make any upcoming gigs or flights into something fun.

Alexis Moore

Ryder's obnoxious little sister, who always follows her mother rules and despite wanting to have fun she wants to always be on her mother's good side, She may be a shy stuck up girl with her blonde locks she still has style.

Rosie Evans

Stella's hardworking mother who tries new experiments even though turn out right, She had blue eyes and black hair. And during her spare time she bakes a lot of cakes.

Derek Owens

Stella's musical father who owns almost all the instruments in his music shop, he's also a security guard in the local mall on weekends. He has brown eyes and brunette hair as well as a shabby beard.

And last but not least......

Hayden Evans

Stella's annoying, athletic and lazy twin brother who chooses to play video games over chores, since he's so popular he tries to sneak cheerleaders into the household but is never successful, With his messed up black hair and baby blue eyes , he manages to be the most hottest guys of the team.

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