Off The Deep End

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Two of four of the mass millionaire family the Roberts- Tragic plain accident- Two daughters still yet to be notified- Sylvia and Katherine Roberts were just normal girls with almost normal lives but when their parents along with twenty others die in a tragic plane crash; normal doesn’t even seem to be possible anymore. Stricken with grief Katherine pushes herself to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse; with no idea of how to take care of her sister she encourages Sylvia to move to South Carolina to live with a old college friend of their mom’s. The Rae’s. Now on top of all of the grief of loosing her parents Sylvia must deal with the Rae’s three sons and daughter. As time goes on she gets more and more curious about the accident and why they never got any info on what happened. When she pushes herself to get info on what really may have happened she finds herself in a rabbit hole that once you get into it you may never get back out.

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Chapter 1

Two of four of the mass millionaire family the Roberts-

Tragic plain accident-

Two daughters still yet to be notified-

There’s a loud knock on the door. I rush to clear my tears the best I can and leap off the couch and walk to the front door of our luxury apartment. I open the door to a police officer. My older sister Katherine joins me at the door and grabs my hand to stop it from shaking.

β€œAre you Sylvia Roberts and Katherine Roberts?” The police officer says to us in a booming voice. I flinch and answer him.

β€œY-yes. W-we are.”

β€œI’m sorry to inform you but your parents passed away this morning at 1:45 am when the Starshine plane lost altitude and fell from the air.”

A sob escapes my sister’s lips and I answer the police officer as I close the door, β€œThank you for notifying us.”

Once the door is closed my sister and I dissolve into sobs on the floor in front of the door.

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