A alone boy.

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It is a story of a introvert boy on how he starts to be alone and became an introvert.

Humor / Romance
Rishav Raj
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His life at home.

This story starts from the day when he took birth. He was youngest in his family. When he was a little child he was pampered and was the most lovingly one in the house. When he grew up after some years when he was 10 his grandfather died and with his grandfather all his values of him died also. In any work whenever he tried to give the suggestion he was scolded that you are younger stay away from all this. There was no value for his suggestion. After some time he stopped to talk anything related to his work or giving any suggestions thinking that there will be no one who will support him. His life was going like all this. After few years he passed his high school.Due to all behaviour with him in his family he was always left confused about what to do in future. When it came for future studies he was a bit confused but in a big family there was no one for his back support except his mother and father. And after all this in confusion and after the family pressure he chose a wrong subject for his studies.

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