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A short stories that brings about the lives of people in their relationships . Their Mistakes , their pains, journey and lesson learnt in relationships . Love ,Drama, Betrayal and series of other events involving lots of Relationship Cracks .

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1




They entered the bank together ,looking at them u would know they are a couple or are dating coz of their matching outfits.

He wore a white polo vest with a black jean jacket & trouser with a black boot . While she wore a black top with a blue jacket & black jean trouser that matched with her high heel black boot. They were beautiful and people who saw them in bank admired them.

They walked hand in hand to the Customers care and requested to speak with the manager. the Customer care representative eyes light up in recognition and smiled at them and did as she was told.

'' Looks they are long time customers here ... some people in d bank whispered among themselves while some looking at them in admiration..

Quickly they were taken to the managers office where the manager stood up and shakes hands with them..

'' Have A Seat Mister Collins and Miss Crystal ' he said smiling at them..

'' Now as we spoke in d phone concerning opening this Account ,the amount needed will have d maximum of $10 billon ''he looked at them his hands clapped together .

Crystal and Collins looked at each other and Collins cleared his throat '' that won't be a problem just do as we spoke on the phone '' his voice deep and commanding .

The manager nodded his head in affirmation pulling out his drawer he brought out form for crystal to fill..

'' Miss here is d form fill in this space here and here. he indicated using his black ink pen to mark the necessary place..

She smiled at him politely taking out her pen from her bag she started filling the form at a time she stopped and had a look of confusion in her face. .The manager noticed it first and asked her what's wrong but no reply was given to him.

'' Is there a problem ma'am' he asked her expecting a reply but she didn't say anything still looking at the form in a deep &in a concerned manner.

So he came close to her looking at the form and saw she has filled the form just reaming her signature for in the form and it will to be complete . So he wondered what is bothering her and why she looks concerned.

Collins felt that something was off about crystal and he moved closed to her tapped her gently on her shoulder..

'' Babe is there a problem, are u having doubts opening this acct??'' He questioned looking concerned . she faced him and gave him a blank look handing him the form . .

He took it and looked at it and back at her, his eyebrow raised coz he didnt see anything amiss.. She rolled her eyes at him '' What babe spill it '' he said..

She sighed and pointed a space she didn't fill in the form. The manger got closer and saw it and his face light up in understanding..

She looked at Collins and said '' What should mark in the space ??

He looked at her frowning "I don't know crystal whatever u think is the right answer mark it okay" he said turning his face away and looking the time on his wrist watch.

She shrugged and Marked Single in space box ...

She signed in the form and as she stretched her hand to give it to the manager collins snatched it from her ..

"Hey what are u doing? she was surprised at the speed he took the form from her. He opened the form and saw what he was looking for got up and threw the form on the desk with such force that frightened both the manager and crystal ..

"Like hell you are" he said looking at her..

She smiled cause she knows what his talking about she stood up and folded her arms ..

" What then do u suppose I mean huh, u told to mark what I want and what seems right plus why the hell are you getting worked up this for formalities sake and they aren't many options here "" she said

He sighed" I can't believe you marked that babe when u know that ain't true" he looked hurt

She laughed " its true In a way , there isn't any Ring in this finger and we ain't married so babe I didn't lie "" she said anger written all over her face ....he looked like she slapped him in the face. The Manager cleared his throat and said

" This not an issue Mr Collins , just clam down its just some formalities okay "" he touched him but he shrugged his hand off his

"" So this is how it is huh? since u marked Single well single you gonna be its over remain single as the formality requires "" he said.

Crystal looked angry,surprised and shattered at the same time." You Know what Fuck you ,you immature jerk! " and she stomps out of the office and left the bank ..

" You gonna leave her to just go away? The manager asked I know your angry but its not her fault and even if she has marked the other box it would have been a lie..does it matter what she marked on the box or this some kindness excuse to break Things off with her?

'' Shut the fuck up ,if u don't know what to say keep your damn mouth shut '' he said holding the manager by the collar '' I Love Crystal so much okay ''' he said his breathing raged .

'Then Fucking go after her and let go of my collar!! the manger said taking his hands off him ...

'' Yeah your right and sorry about that He said and left before he could reply.

''Rude guy '' the manager said touching his collar and seeing His not looking disorganized.

He left the bank in hurry and entered his car drove out the bank searching for her knowing she has not gone far... He drove up to 10 miles distance and saw her at the side of the road walking and drove closer to her, stopped his car, came down and called her name.

Crystal please am sorry was so angry didn't mean what I said pls get in the car let's talk okay .His eyes pleading, ''No am not going any where with you, u made it clear that is over, So be it'' she said tears in her eyes but she held it in .she won't let him see her cry she told herself.

He came close to her and hugged her tightly '' please I love you ! Don't go please ' but she pushed him with force and said Stay away from me!! But she shakes his head no trying to get close while she she was going back not knowing she was in d middle of the road until she had the horn of the trailer close to her, she looked sacred and knew it was too late for her to avoid been hit . Then the tears which she had been holding up dropped ,she looked at him and felt pain his hands stretched towards her, his eyes full of fear and determination. She shakes her head no as if In a slow motion and at the same time everything was back in a fast mode the trailer with speed ,she closed her eyed to accept her faith then nothing ....

She opened her eyes only to see herself on the other side of the road on the ground lying down . she stood up immediately turned around ,looked at her body,touched her face ,hands to check for any injury but none just a scratch she breathed a sigh of relive ..

'But wait a minute ,she thought am I dead she pinched herself and felt pain .'ouch ! Am Alive !! .Then it suddenly hit in the Head Collins!? She turned only to see people gathered at d other side and the she him lying on the floor in his pool of blood His skull cracked open....

she screamed and fainted...

Lesson: don't let little things make or cause a huge damage in your Relationship.

P.S for those of you wondering what was in the form she marked it was a question .

Relation status!! Single or Married.

Question:: Whose at Fault?

Extra:: She woke up as the light flashed brightly in her eyes she used her hands to cover her face she sat up on the bed and begin to notice where she is .she was in the hospital

Then it came crashing down on her she remembered everything and started crying ,she clutched her hand on her chest and screamed in rage , 'It was all her fault she blamed herself, Collins is dead because of her.. She fell to the ground and cried .the nurse arrived and saw the state she's in and try to help stand IP but she pushed her away..

''I need to see him, I need to see him and tell am sorry !! That I love him that that I can't live without him ! ! ! She said raising her voice ,she was hysterical.

The nurse was confused ,maybe she has lost it the nurse thought but went close to her '' miss clam down who do u want to see ,maybe I can help you see him okay ! She looked at the nurse and kept quiet shaking her head then she started crying u can't help me his dead.

Huh '??the nurse looked at her like she has really lost it.

''He-h-e was hit by a trailer ,he saved me and now his dead I saw him on d floor his skull opened .she sat on the floor crying loudly.

The nurse had look of pity then it clicked on her head '' oh ! She said .she remembers now .

The lucky patient that was brought together with her ,the one that the whole hospital us talking about on her lucky he was and how the operation saved him...

She smiled held her hand and consoled her.

Don't worry his not dead his unconscious after the successful surgery ,his alive I will take you to his ward okay the nurse said smiling.

Crystal looked at the nurse and said Take me to him now!!

Written by Alessandra ..

What do u guys think

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