Tales of Malcibar

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Nœl is a girl made of fire, Malkus is a farmer covered in quills, and Dairison is a revoked surgeon with hands for feet. Together they live on Malkus’s farm off the grid. The town closest to them has citizens far stranger.

Humor / Fantasy
Lilac Blade
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The afternoon was dimming outside. It wasn’t like normal fall days back on Earth. Malcibar was a lot larger but much faster in rotation. However it was the season where Malkus’s particular part of the planet didn’t get full sun in a day. It was more like one long afternoon and that was just how Malkus liked it. He would usually spend the day relaxing since his overcrop was already harvested. He didn’t need a certain time to tend to his under crop. This made hibernation easier for him. But now he had two others in his residence. He was a bit worried about having to tend to them and not being able to get his preferred amount of sleep.

Dairison didn’t seem to be capable of hibernating. Noel just seemed unwilling. They appeared to be alright with hanging out together in the living room watching reruns of black and white Bas movies. There was enough food in the fridge for Nœl, who ate as a hobby, and Dairison, who ate as a chore.

Malkus had just walked back to the house after buying some of Eles’s supplies.

“We missed you back at the bunker” He called out to Dairison who was in the living room.

“I didn’t…” Dair replied in between sniffing the remains inside the molasses jar.

“Honey honey honey!” Nœl cheered as she got up to greet Malkus and what he had most likely brought home from his beekeeper friend.

“Quiet you, the best part is coming on.” Scolded Dair. He reclined the chair some more.

“Daddy! Can I make grilled cheese when you go to sleep?” Nœl was already opening the refrigerator to get the cheddar. Malkus closed the fridge back up.

“You will eat what I put up for you two. For now, I made you porridge and beet roast. That is all. For now, I’m putting everything else in the basement freezer. If I see that you’ve been scavenging around in there I’ll have you both sent to bed too.” His tone was a matter of factual. Not too harsh.

Nœl huffed. She hated porridge and beet roast was a good meal ruined in her eyes. Malkus made an absolutely superb beef and nocturn roast. But he also, unfortunately, was absolutely superb at farming beets as well. Since they are always in the surplus, he would always dump them in any roast. It wasn’t like the town would buy em…

“I never had grilled cheese since we went to aunt Liz’s house!” She pouted.

“I swear Nœl if you cook that up the aroma will trigger my PSTD from that trip!” Dair yelled back to them both.

Nœl looked back at Malkus frustrated.

“You heard what he said…” Was the last thing Malkus said before he put all the edible food in the fridge and went to bed.

Nœl stomped back into the living room mad. She stuffed her head into her pillow on the floor.

“Life is going to be boring”

“Oh, on the contrary, my dear Nœl” Dair started

Nœl lifted up her head to hear his better outlook.

“it’s actually depressive….” He finished.

She threw the remote at him. He caught it directly in his palm and clenched it.

“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot you still haven’t aged a day since we found ya in the chicken coop as a baby…”

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