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Humor / Action
Dody Ramy Elansary
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On a sunny day a little girl was born named Lolo her family wasn't that rich she lived in a building but what made her happy that she had two best friends named Vicky and Rose the three best friends always bought everything together and the same Lolo was an awesome boy child but her two best friends had sisters Lolo felt really jealous of them but she didn't feel sad because she didn't understand anything Lolo had three aunts she really loved them and her aunt's childs since Lolo was an only child she liked playing with them many years had passed and Lolo is still the only child and her mom every hear do surgery to give birth seven years had passed and luckily her mom gave birth to a baby boy named Mike Lolo was very happy because she won't be alone anymore after a year Lolo noticed that Mike got all the attention from the family and she is nothing another year had passed and one of her best friends Vicky left the house and didn't stay in touch anymore after another year Rose also left the house and didn't stay in touch Lolo felt empty like everyone and everything had disappeared plus her uncle's child Jim died who she loved after that Lolo's family also left the house and went to another one the three best friends didn't stay in touch anymore many years had passed and Lolo now is twelve years old Lolo now understands what is the meaning of wanting to see someone , hurt , seeing fake people , fake smile , love , want to feel safe now Lolo every day wishes to have someone who understands her Lolo is very afraid that she may have cancer because all her family has it she want to tell someone how she feel or what she has experienced but she is afraid to open her heart or trust anyone after what she had seen from people during this period every night Lolo locked herself in her room and watched dramas and movies because she is sick of fake people unfortunately her most beloved aunts died which made Lolo lose her feelings during this period Lolo tried to get closer to her cousins ( her aunt's childs ) but every time she tried to get closer something happens and make her stay away from them like her aunt only care about her sister's childs ( Lolo's cousins ) she buy them chocolate although they are adults but someone said to her that they like chocolate so she bought them and Everytime she saw them she hugged them but Lolo got nothing so she prefared to stay away from them Lolo keep thinking what will happen if she dies can Lolo kill herself Lolo thinks life is meaningless anyways for her nobody cheered for her on her dream which was drawing or anything Lolo doesn't have to live anymore that's why she feels that she is standing on the edge of a cliff and one day she is gonna jump

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