Bad meets broken

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The Jerk

Chapter 2

"YO CHILL THE FUCK OUT" this boy said that I new all to well

"you know what, you not worth my breath, asshole" as I went to walk away my ex-boyfriend grabs me wrist ad twist me around to see him

"WHAT THE FUCK! LET ME GO!" I yelled trying to get out of his deathly hold

"NO! Katie, I miss you. please give me another chance" Tyler looked at me with pleading eyes. What the fuck! Bipolar much!

"ummmm.........let me think about it......NO, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. YOU THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN ACT ALL INOCENT THAT YOUR FORGIVIEN ?? WELL THINK AGAIN BECAUSE YOU HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING IF-" I was cut short of my rant when this asshole smashed his lips onto my own. I roughly push him away and slap his face so hard that there was a hand print on it.


"Katie I think your overreacting, don't you?" he whispered to me because we seemed to drawn in a crowd

"NO what the fuck I said back off" I said and turned to walk away again only to be ripped back to him by my wrist. Ouch, that's going to leave a bruise.

"Katie I don't think your in your right mind" he said to me then told the crowd that I was on crack. So everyone left or as I thought. When Tyler when to kiss me again I'm being ripped out from his grip into another, very strong guy with big muscled guy very very handsome.

"Tyler I wouldn't do that if I were you" said the guy who's hold I'm in.

" ahahaha so you came to save the girl high on crack. Why is that Mason?" Tyler said with a sarcastic laugh. Still trying to convince everyone that it's me who's higher then the sky.

"because she deserves someone who believes her and does what told of him unlike you" this mason character says with venom and sincerity in every word.

" what someone like you? hahah that's rich Mason hahah" Tyler said laughing his ass off at mason

" yeah someone like him" I cut him off mid-laugh he got up and stopped laughing the charged toward me

"RUN!" mason and I said at the same time so we did and ran about all the way tough the school and realized that he was no longer behind us.

"I think we lost him" I said to mason

"yeah I think we did. I'm Mason King by the way" he said

"I'm Katie Collins, its nice to meet you and thank you for saving me"

" ya I know who you are you live across the street from me" he said creepily with a laugh "and your welcome ill just let you know how you can repay me" he said with a smirk damn he looked good, that smirk, ugh, I'm a sucker for them.

"what do you mean 'repay you'. You were the one who wanted to help me"

"what are you saying that I did it on propose to talk to you? I set this thing up because I'm friends with Tyler" he said while scratching the back of his neck

" yes I am" I said confidently

"well then i wouldnt be able to share my amazing pick up lines" he tells me

" oh really dont you have a girlfriend?" i asked

"no but feel my shirt. thats boyfriend material" he says smirking

" it looks a little too clingy and hard to maintain" i smirk back

"ouch you wound me" he sayed putting a hand over his heart "didnt we take a class together? i could've sworn we had chemistry" he said

" im thinking it was history. which is what you should be right now" i said

"I just Googled 'sexy' and a picture of you came up." him and his bad pick up lines. 'What are we gonna do?' i think sarcastically.

"You'll get the same result if you search for 'not interested'". i smirk back

" you want to know what the best thing in my life is?" he said

"sure? what is it? " i said confused and curious to how this ends

"its the first word in the first sentence" he said with a cute little blush

it took some time for me to think of what is was then it came to me and i blushed not a lot because i dont blush but just a little.

"that was really cute you know" i said looking down. The he did the unexpected he put his hand on my cheek and made me look up. He inched closer to me and so did i and just as as our lips were going to touch i heard it the best and worst sound ever.

" awwww.........OH FUCK" she said when I glared at her then ran. Ruining the perfect moment with Mason. What can I say I'm very feisty and most people are scared of me. I smirk in response.

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