Bad meets broken

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Mystery boy

Chapter 3


" awwww.........OH FUCK" she said when I glared at her then ran. Ruining the perfect moment with Mason. What can I say I'm very feisty and most people are scared of me. I smirk in response.


"that's my crazy ass best friend A" i say to mason. Then he leans back in just to get interrupted again by my phone ringing

"ughhhh" I exclaim I pick up my phone

" hello" I say

" is this Kaitlyn Collins?" the man on the other side of the phone said

" um yes it is may I ask who's calling"

" I'm the 1st responder on seen of the accident"

" what accident"

" Um Miss Collins I regret to inform you but your parents were out on a drive I presume and they got hit by a drunk driver and I'm so so sorry but they died on impact" the 1st responder said with no remorse in his voice.

As soon as he said that they died my phone dropped and I sat in the middle of the hallway all of the voices tuned out all I could think of is that my parents are dead and me and my sister are orphans. Even though my parents didn't care all too much about us they still provided us with this house and food and clothes.

I picked up my phone, hung up on the 1st responer and started to run and I didn't stop till I was at my sisters class room and barged through the door told Mack that we had to go. She got up apologized for my behavior and we walked out she asked what was wrong I just walked to my car and got in started it up and she got in. I just started to drive it was all a blur then we came to the hospital.

" what are we doing here" said Mack

" Mack mom and dad are gone" I said still in a daze

" what do you mean there gone Katie??"

" I said there gone do you want a word by word play of how well guess what I have know Idea what happened Mackenzie now are you going to go in or just wait here? the boys are inside already I'm not coming in I can handle it" I said in a nasty tone ot wanting talk about it.

" Katie be careful please" she said the got out

I drove away. Fast. I got home got dressed the got back into duke and drove to a party I knew was happening. I got there and ran into the kitchen got a bottle of vodka and jack and walked into the back yard sat down and started to drink.

" wow you can really drink cant you?" this kid said to me on my way to getting really buzzed

" yeah I can so shut the hell up so I can continue"

"I don't think I should let you do that-" he said

" I don't need a babysitter" I cut him off

" you didn't let me finish, I can't let you do that alone" he said I don't respond just sat there

"so why are you getting so fucked up?" he said

" I don't see why that's any of your concern" I say not trying to spill my life to a strange but hot guy I just met

" ooo feisty are we?" he says with a small smirk

"yes" I say flatly

"whats your name by the way?" As the alcohol starts to get to me

" imma tellya just because I'm just a tad drunk......" I say with a slur as I pinch my thumb and forefinger together because I am indeed drunk as a skunk

" so what is it?" he says

" ohhh I forgot I was talking yeah my name is--" my phone cut me off so I pick it up

"hello?" I say into the phone

" KAITLYN ATHENA COLLINS WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU DRUNK? I CAN PRACTICALLY SMELL THE BOOZE THROUGH THE PHONE? WE'RE MORNING THE DEATH OF OUR PARENTS AND YOUR OUT GETTING DRUNK? THIS IS JUST LIKE YOU!!!" Taking a deep breath he continued "You know what Katie stay out as long as you like, don't even bother to show up at all. Our 13 year old sister is in need of her sister and what a great example your showing her by dealing with this again the same way you did the first time. Back then we all let that slip but now its unexcitable!!!" my brother Kyle practically screams over the phone at me.

"yeah well that's me the disappointment right? The black fucking sheep, dont pretend like you expected more from me. And I'll tell you what I don't care, I'm done, I tried of being ignored and invisible. FUCK YOU" i said with a 'slight' attitude

"Katie don't come home-" I hung up before he could scream at me more just like mom.

"wow he sounded upset is that why your here?" this hot guy said to me oh I forgot he was here.

"did you hear all of that?" I asked shyly

" yeah" he replies shyly I just nod

"so um that's why your here? drinking till the sun comes up?" he says

" yes" I reply

" my names Blake Michelson " he stuck out a hand for me and I took it.

" I'm Katie Collins as you heard" I said with a sad chuckle. After the phone call I sobered up a bit "hey, aren't you supposed to be a bad boy?" i said once i got a good look at him.

" yes I am but, I'm also a fun, caring, awesome, very hilarious, hot guy" he said with a small laugh

" I'm not really sure if that was sarcasm but if it was you need to get better because whether I'm drunk or not that was terrible also I'm the sarcasm queen" I said with a sway in my step and a bottle in my hand we start to walk to wherever.

" well then that makes me that sarcasm king then" he said with a smirk. Then there was screaming and gun fire. Blake shot up and said " I have to go, run just run, don't look back, don't stop" then ran back into the house where it was all coming from. I calmly walked down the sidewalk stoped giggled a little and that's when everything went black.

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