Bad meets broken

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The Secret

Chapter 4

Blakes Pov:

After the gun shots and I ran away from wasted Katie reluctantly. It turns out that the gun shots were from none other then my two best friends. Mason and Antonio. The two dimwitted guys who wanted to crash a party but made the mistake of shooting of the guns we use for........special occasions. *wink wink*

So I grabbed the guys and we made our way outside but only to be meet with a passed out Katie. I grabbed her in a bridal-style carry and took her to her house and told the guys to head back to the house we all share; we all come from shitty families so we moved out of our previous homes and moved in together, as brothers. As I drove to her house she would mutter incoherent words sometimes even start to scream.....but I wonder why? Man she looks beautiful when she sleeps. Not to sound like a creep. I also noticed that she crinkles her eyebrows together in a stressed kind of way. Weird.

I pulled up in her driveway and might I say damn she has a big house like wow! It looked like a modern day castle.

I make my way up to her porch and know not knowing if anyone was up and if so would they let her back in the house after that fight. But my questions were soon answered when a tiny girl who look very much like Katie but maybe a year or so younger appeared at the door.

"um who are you and what are your intentions with my sister" the girl said looking at me then Katie in my arms then back to me.

"I-I im blake" I said "im friends with Katie" 'kind of' I thought but didn't voice. Why did I stutter that's so unlike me.

"oh come in her room is all the way at the top in the way back of the house" she instructed me but didn't further question

" what's your name kid?" I said

"Mack but don't tell anyone else because of Katie's side business "Mack said with a stern look on her face

"what do you mean" I look at her slightly confused by her statement

" should...uh....go yeah I got to go bye" then ran away

I thought back to the instructions she said 'top floor all the way in the back?' 'Why would she live in the back of the house?' I thought as I walked all the way up and back. It's dark and cold. Then she did something I would have never thought a girl like Katie would do....snuggling up into my chest and let me tell you it was a damn good feeling too.

I got to her room and it was dark like really dark I couldn't see a thing. I maneuvered my way by my feet feel and found the bed with the occasional stumble here and there, put her on it and pulled the covers up to her chest and was going to leave when I felt a tight grip on my arm and looked back at Katie and saw she was still kind of sleeping but her eyes were open? Then she said something I don't think ill ever forget.

"please don't leave me" she whimpered and sounded so vulnerable

" don't worry baby I'm not going anywhere, I'm here" I cooed to her as I slid under the covers and pulled her close. Man what is she doing to me i've only know her for less then 6 hours and I'm already getting attached. Then her phone buzzed and I saw it was a text it read:

Boxing boss- Hey later tomorrow there is a fight and I have money on my favorite girl. Don’t forget to get here so we can show them what your made of kiddo:) I heard about what happened. I'm sorry kid they where good people.

What? Who is boxing boss? Why is he/she texting her this?

I decided to put it to the back of my mind and fall asleep with the tear stained face girl that I have found an interest in.


Katies pov: After blacking out

I can feel myself being lifted in a bridal way and strong muscular arms make there way around me. I hope I'm not being kidnapped because that would suck. I soon fall asleep in these arms. I come to when I hear voices talking. it sounds like Mack and a deep masculine voice. Sexy.

I then wake up fully and find myself in my own bed with something heavy on my waist. I turn around to find a guy sleeping peacefully next to me.

I look down thinking we did something that drunk Katie might have been down to do and see all of my clothes still on but no memory of who this guy is or why he's in my room. I look over at my alarm clock to see its only 11pm so I get up shower all that fun stuff and check my phone to see I had a text.

Boxing boss- Hey later tomorrow there is a fight and I have money on my favorite girl. Don’t forget to get here so we can show them what your made of kiddo:) I heard about what happened. I'm sorry kid they where good people.

Delivered at 1:00 am

This enraged me so I decide to go now that its now 11:45 pm and I have a fight at 12.

I tuck in the mystery man get dressed in a Nike black sports bra and legging and matching black air forces and get going to the gym to fight.

As I walk to the gym I think that fighting is the best thing right now.

It will let me blow off some steam about my parents death and the massive hangover I have from when I decided that going to a party was a great idea.

The gym is where I'm actually happy there you know kicking some ass and letting go of all the feelings that I hold on to and put a real smile on my face not the fake one I'm always sporting. Ever since that day I have not had real happiness.

That day was over 12 years ago. Being neglected by my parents I would do anything and everything to get them to pay just an ounce of attention to me but it never worked. I even committed crimes and everything that my parents wanted me to do, oh I did them but the exact opposite. My mother always said 'don't be sad you my first girl' what the hell that was supposed do, give me a right of passage. Nope. I never got any special treatment or feeling of loved in my household. It didn't mean shit to me bc even though they said they loved me but I never felt loved by anything or anyone.

One event that changed it all. All of what was left of my happiness was gone in a flash. My parents always wondered why I stopped being that happy, peppy little smiley girl. The thing is, the people who you think will love and protect you from harm cause the most damage.

I didn't even relies that I was in the ring but when that bell rang I punched and punched the guys face that was currently in the ring with me. Then when I was pulled off of the guy I saw that he was out and probably was out for a while. My knuckles where bleeding through the wrap I had on. I ripped my arms from the 'ref' in the ring and went to collect my money for the fight I just had.

Then went to get cleaned up and unwrap my hands when I saw a face that I thought I would never see again not after that night, after that morning. Chills ran up my spine as we made eye contact and not the good kind. I ran and went to collect my money then ran all the way home and didn't stop till I was in my bathroom. Safe and sound.


Blakes pov:

When I wake up the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. I roll over to expect a beautiful girl by my side only to find no one and the covers up to my chin.

I smirk a little knowing that she tucked me in, but it soon disappears when I call my buddy at the boxing place to confirm where she is. She's at the gym in a ring fighting some gross man and kicking his ass too. I bolt out of her house and spring to the gym, knowing she might get hurt, get there in record time to see her being ripped off of the man in the ring with little to no bruises except on her hands which even from the door I could see the blood dripping form the wraps. Surprised, I go to walk to her when she stops and stairs immensely at a guy our age then runs away from him to get her money and runs out of the place.

I wonder who that guy is brush it off because I will find out later and follow her out of the boxing club.

I can tell she's been through a lot from the phone conversation with her brother to her screaming in her sleep and the way she beat that grown man to a pulp in that ring. I'm going to figure her out and help however I can.

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