Bad meets broken

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And Now She’s Mine


Katie’s POV:

Chills ran up my spine as we made eye contact and not the good kind. I ran and went to collect my money then ran all the way home and didn't stop till I was in my bathroom. Safe and sound.


Blakes pov:

I can tell she's been through a lot from the phone conversation with her brother to her screaming in her sleep and the way she beat that grown man to a pulp in that ring. I'm going to figure her out and help however I can.

I didn’t even get her phone number. But I do know that mason lives right next to her and it’s a good thing he’s my best friend. I should text him to see if he saw her come home this afternoon.

‘Hey dude did you see if Kate go home safe’ - Blake

‘Yeah man she’s here but she ran real fast and looked scared’ -Mason

‘ I’m coming over’- Blake

I didn’t bother reading his respons because he always says yes. I drove over to the girl of my dreams house to see how she is.


Kate’s POV:

As soon as I step into the house Mack comes up to me.

“ hey there was this guy that came to drop you off yesterday when you were plastered but I didn’t see him leave and I might have mentioned you being involved in a business” I was going to interrupt but she shhhed me “ buuuuuuut I made sure to confuse him and run haha” she said with a nervous laugh.

“ Mack you didn’t even ask the guy who he was what kind of person is that”

“ oh I don’t know maybe the person related to the same person who gets wasted as soon as they hear their parents are dead and the party they were at got shot up”

Oh shit I do remember now he was taking to me about me and two crazy guys shot up the place and I ran/ walked and passed out on the sidewalk “ haha ooops” and I walked away

Upstairs I could see Masons window from mine and he made eye contact with me, so I waved and he did the same but motioned me to open the window.

“ hey” he said

“Um hi did you need something”

“No I just wanted to talk, to see how you were after the party”

“Oh um I’m fine how did you know I went to a party”

“ I shot it up with my friend we were looking for someone”

“ may I ask who”

“ yeah my best friend Blake”

Blake that sounds fimilar “cool um I have to go bye”

“ bye” he said and looked sceptical


Blake’s POV:

As soon as I arrived I knocked on the door and a guy about my age opens it.

“ who the fuck are you” he says

“I’m looking for Kate”

“ that’s cool I think I asked you a question dick”

“ I’m Blake I go to school with Kate I dropped her off yesterday and wanted to see how she was doing”

Right before he was about to say something to me Kate comes jumping down the stairs

“ oh hey Blake what are you doing here” Kate said in a heavenly voice

I’m about to answer her when her asshole of a brother speaks up.

“He’s checking up on you” he said in a girly voice mocking me

“ ahh yes come in and follow me” my girl said to me, yes I have decided I want her and now she’s mine

“ okay lead the way” I smirked as I passed her brother what a tool

As we make our way up and to the back of the house just as I remember her room is super dark. Then all the lights come on and I’m greeted with a bunch of paintings on all the walls hand made all by her


“Ha yeah I know there pretty crappy but it’s what I do”

“ no I think there amazing can I have one?”

“ um sure just take your pick” so I did just that and got the beauty and the beast rose she painted and it was more then perfect

“ this is the one” I said showing her the painting I picked.

“That’s one of my favorites I love that movie, so I don’t mean to be rude or anything but what are you doing here?”

“ I wanted to see if you were okay I saw you at the ring and the way you ran out of there like you saw a ghost it made me nervous for you so I came here to see if you were doing alright” I scratched the back of my neck nervously.

“ I’m fine. That was just um what I do you know like after fights I get out quick so I’m not seen haha”

I don’t believe her but I don’t push it “okay”

We sat in silence for a minute then I got up the courage to ask her.

“ do you.. ahem.... do you maybe what to go out some time like a date but you don’t have to if you don’t want to it’s completely up to you like I don’t care what you say, okay that was a lie you are just so pretty and have an amazing personality and I want to get to know you better but if you don’t want to then I’ll leave you alone.”

I was cut off from my rambling when I heard her giggling.

“ I’m sorry I’m so sorry but that was so freaking cute yeah I’ll go out with you” as soon as she said that the smile on my face got wider so I picked her up an spun around.

“Yes okay I’ll text you wait let me have your number”

“Okay” she gave me her number and I said goodbye and I left. I walked over to masons house and spent the night not texting my mom because she would care, it’s masons.

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