Senior Year

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Meet Angel and her group of friends while they go through their Senior Year of high school. With twists and turns, this can be one crazy year nothing will be the same.

Humor / Drama
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Why does high school have to be hard? And I don't mean school work as the drama. Remember when in lower grades no care about being popular. Can’t we just go back to when we were kids and that didn’t matter? And a friendship was an honest thing and people respect it. Ok, let me tell you who I am. My name is Angel James and I’m eighteen years old. My name may be Angel but I'm not always one. Like it takes a long time for me to punch or scream at someone. I’m one of those girls that have a good looking body. You know nice thighs, boobs, butt, and face. But, I don’t show it off cause I wear baggy clothes at school. The reason why I wear things like that is to be invisible. It does not help with my friends. In one way or another, they are popular, I’ll start with the girls cause they are crazy on the low. First, Rosie is the smartest girl in the school but she is not uptight. And I can trust her with anything. Also can mean when she wants too. Next, is Star she is the shyest girl but the prettiest girl in school. All the boys want her but she likes older dudes. And all the girls hate her for being her. After her, it’s Nevaeh now she dates everyone and drops them with a broken heart asking why. Then a few weeks she goes back to them giving them hope. But we are teenagers so we have to learn and move on. Now, the last girl is Madison she is the fiery Latino and the mom of the group. She tells us if we are dumb about the things we want to do. But we love her like family. Ok, now for the boys I love them but I pray for anyone that goes out with them or who they get married too. First, is Bear before asking if that is his real name it’s on his birth certificate.Seen it with my own eyes. He is a popular footballer at school that everyone wants to be his friend. But, he only has a small group of friends which is us. He would pull some crazy crap and have all of us in jail. We keep him level headed so the popularity does not go to his head. Next, is Shawn the cute mixed shy boy that doesn’t talk to a lot of people. When he is around us he is a different outgoing person. Then, there’s Cain, the money maker of the group he will sell or buy anything to make some cash which I respect all the way. Sometimes I help with his business to make some extra cash. Now, last but not least is Nick the school male Thot he goes from girl to girl in less than two weeks. The girls in end always come to us crying asking if we had something to do with why he broke up with them. Or they want to fight. Ok, now that you know everyone let's get to the story shall we.

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