Lost In A Way

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With her mom being in jail , it causes Bell to move across town . Bell finds her self in not one but too situations...does she figure it out ? Or does it only get worse ?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was like no other day in crystal waters , sun was out and booming and the birds where out singing . What am I saying that sounds like some shit that happens in the movies . Anyways it’s June 6th 2019 and my mom’s case has yet to plead if she’s guilty or innocent so until then she remains in jail and I remain with my father . Things weren’t so bad at my dads ,just the fact that he stayed across town so I had to transfer schools . But when I transferred I didn’t think I would like this new school because they where so different . Who would’ve know that the boys here are really cute and who would’ve know that I Bell .A. Rose would be head over heels for not one but two boys at Rich filed High school. And who would’ve ever thought that a school like this would make me lose my mind .....And that both Mike Scott & Devin Rant would drive me Insanely crazy!

-Move In -
It was moving day . My things where already packed and I was just waiting for my dad to come and pick me up . Because mom was in Jail Even tho I was In high school they wouldn’t allow me to stay in the house without in adult . So moving with dad was my only choice even though I didn’t want to transfer I didn’t have much of a choice because dad didn’t want to stay in moms house . As I finished moving my things down stairs I sat in a chair and all thoughts cross my mind , what well happen to mom will she be sentenced or let free ?, Is moving with dad going to be a good thing , well going to a new school be hard, with mom in jail & me leaving my home will that cause me to probably fail school? Before I can get another thought in my phone rings . Dad’s calling I answer -hello?- “Hey bell I’m outside let’s load your stuff and get moving”. I say -Okay- and walk out with my things all ready to go . Now I’m just enjoying the car ride to my new home and trying not to think to much what a ride this is going to be . But I can only hope for the better & not the worst ...
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