The Untold Legend

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I'm going to tell you a story. A story of God like creatures that walk amongst us, ruling over humanity without its knowledge. These creatures show no emotion or mercy and those who dare to reveal their secrets are met with a bloody end. You may be asking the name of these heinous monsters. Their name is well known and strikes fear into the hearts of many... house cats!

Humor / Fantasy
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The secret

Now I'm going to tell you something . Something that's been hidden for centuries. But no matter what the powerful ones do, history cannot remain hidden forever. Our past leaves a trail and this story leaves a river of blood from those who seemed to reveal their secrets. You may scoff at the legends as many do. But the legends trying true... House cats are aliens!

Now I know what you're thinking this is crazy and mist likely the words of a madman. But please believe me when I tell you it'll all make sense in the end. Before this unheard of conspiracy seems real to you, you must hear all the story. The story that starts thousands of years ago. So read on if you dare. For in time you'll see these creatures gain power and you'll gasp at the stories of blood and betrayal that this secret in a cloud of mystery.

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