Billionaire Bad Boy

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Olivia Sparks is your average teenage dork. At least that what's she sees herself as. She's got a great sense of humour, intelligence and could easily pass off as the most beautiful girl in Westville. She's just to oblivious to know it. Drew Dickson, known for being the richest guy in Westville and for the fact that he can get any girl, Just not the one he wants...Liv. Tensions run high as Drew fights to get Liv, Snarky comments, pissing her off and so much more might just get her to fall for him. What could possibly go wrong when you fall for the Billionaire Bad Boy? ----------------------------------------------------

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Chapter 1🌹

Liv’s POV


7:30 in the morning.

And mum is screaming her head off as usual. Something about me being late.

As I was about to ignore her per usual and go back to sleep, I realized something.

Holdup, it’s 7:30 in the morning, uh-oh that means....... I'M LATE.

I immediately sprung up from my bed, not hesitating to wear my flip-flops and flip and flop my way to the bathroom. After taking my clothes off, I grab my brush and quickly press some Toothpaste on it while entering the shower.

Before I turned on the shower, I connect my phone to my BT (Bluetooth)speaker and play shower by Becky G. I know right ; Good shower song.

As I turn on the shower ready to belt out the lyrics , I am greeted with a cold shower. “HOLY MOTHER OF JERMAINE THAT'S COLD”, I scurry out of the shower like a cat in the rain.

Dang. I forgot to turn the water heater on.

I mean you can’t blame me, it happens to the best of us. I turn on the water heater and go back into the shower while I put my brush in my mouth, scrubbing the insides of my mouth while scrubbing my body at the same time and belting out the lyrics.

I used ten minutes in the shower, leaving me with twenty minutes before I was officially late.

Ugh, I forgot to pick out what to wear. And unfortunately that took me five minutes to pick out an outfit.

I settled with a pair of ripped army green jeans and a black crop top. After quickly slipping on my clothes, I’m about to apply some makeup, when my phone starts vibrating with my ringtone Taki Taki blasting through the room.

I look at the caller ID to see its my bestie South calling. I picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

“Hey-” was all I said until I was rudely cut by her screaming.

“Hey, you're heying when you're now officially late for school, would you get down the stairs cause West and I have been here thirty minutes ago. Your mum came up to tell you but apparently you didn’t hear. ” As she was screaming, I could hear her voice from my room.

“Whoa, pissy much? someone must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.”

”Oh you bet I’m pissy. Why wouldn’t I be when Mr bossy pants, West here, won’t stop yelling, like its my fault you're late” she paused before she said ”Hello, hellooo, answer me, will you."

I didn’t answer because while she was yelling, cause I was busy putting on a dark shade of red lip stick and some mascara. I was applying my eyeliner when she was screaming hello.

"Make up your mind, do you want me to have a conversation with you or to hurry up and get ready?”

” Whatever” . She hissed and cut the phone. I scoff then mutter “Rude much”

After finishing up with my make up I pick up my Red vans and my red backpack, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and hurrying down the stairs with my vans in my hands, only to meet a bunch of glares.

“Finally” West said while South rolled her eyes“Took ya long enough ”

"Well, what do you expect, do you think I just roll outta bed this way? Hella nah, beauty takes time ya know” I said and both West and South burst into laughter.

“Seriously, enough we’re already late as it is” West said after recovering from laughter. And South started walking towards the door, both West and I following suit.

“WAIT” my Mom shouted and we all stopped to turn back with groans.

"What now, Mother?”

”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

“Not now Mother”

”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, just grab an apple”

“Ughhhh, fine. Only because I really love apples.”

I grabbed three apples and then scurried to West’s car. I sat in the front seat and then I bit out of the apple

“Awwwn, you shouldn’t have” West said before starting the car.

“Shouldn’t have what?” I said whilst chopping the apples in ma mouth.
“Taken apples for us, I really appreciate it, fancy giving my apple now?”

I chuckled humourlessly whilst swallowing the apple I was chewing.


Even after I said no, West still stretched his arm over to my side to grab an apple. And I thwacked his hand, leaving a red spot for sure.
“Hey! What was that for”

“For you to keep your dirty hands off my healthy apple, you stinking meat lover”.
(A/N: no offense to meat lovers nothing personal just that in the book, Liv is a vegetarian)
Whilst we were conversing, South was just lying on the back seats, her hands on her tummy whilst she was laughing hard, so hard that tears started making their way out her eyes. “Y’all are frickin funny, seriously y’all should do a TV show or something”

West shot her an incredulous look “Me being in pain is funny to you?!??”
South shrugged “No it’s not funny, it’s HILARIOUS” she said then burst into laughter once again.
“You have dishonoured the Twin Code” West said while shaking his head and feigning hurt, his hand on his heart “I need me a new twin”

I just chuckled and pulled out my phone. One missed call from Cecelia, five new texts from Cecelia, two voicemails from Cecelia and one text from an unknown number. I read the texts.
Cece: where in hell are you!!!
Cece: Mrs D isn’t around and we have a new sub
Cece: OMFG, the new sub is smoking hot
Cece: seriously it looks like he has six pax
Cece: OMG, he is so hot and he even speaks French, I’m seriously considering him, middle aged man or not.

Gosh, Cece is really crazy. West noticed I was smiling.
“Whoa looks like someone won a lottery”

“What...Ohooh, why is she smiling” South said while prying my phone out of my hands. I roll my eyes while she read the texts and started laughing.

"What's so funny" West asked, hating to be in the dark and South simply enlightened him by reading the texts out loud.

“What do you expect from a crazy girl” West said while we all started laughing “Nothing less I guess” I said and we continued laughing

South played the voicemail. ”guuuuuurl, where the heck are you?! We have a hot french teacher, I saw him at the lounge while Ms Gracia tried to flirt with him. OMG it was so hilarious. You need to get here ASAP becau-.....young lady is that your phone? Uh no sir it’s nothing.” and the line cut dead. And laughs erupted through the car as we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Cece's soo crazy!” South said in between laughs.

” You got that right, you know it’s like that saying ′ life isn’t worth living without a crazy lady nearby’“

The laughing stopped and South and West started laughing again “Amen to that”

I got out the car .“Well, laughing with you lame-os has been fun but this gal’s late for her math class so see y’all fools later” I said as I started skipping to the front door and I overheard South and West saying “That girl is mad crazy”

“Yeah, and you mad love her”

“Oh shut up, She coulda heard you”

“Whatever Loverboy"

Holdup. Did South just say that West loved me? I mean I love him too but as a friend, I mean we all loved each other, as friends right!?? And South knows about it. I am so interrogating her after school. But I never really thought Of West like...... Like that.

Any who, I have maths class.


soo whats up inkittens?😂 teeheehee i thought of that😊well idk how well i did...this book is on wattpad and it got some positive feedback so lets hope it'll be like that here too.

ive written thirty two chapters so far on wattpad so imma just copy and paste so no slow updates! 🤩

this chapter is edited but i dont think the remaining will be..i just didnt want to scare y'all😂

soo..please follow me, vote and idk if you can comment here but if you can, please do!

tell your friends about me and my book and i wont eat your mom!😈😂😂💔

im kidding...or am i?😂😈😂😂

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