Lost In A Way pt.2

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Bell finally knows who she wants . But another situation comes along the road when her mom is being set free from jail.which means bell is left choosing if she wants to go back home and be with her mom or stay with her dad and still be close with mike .

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

-picking up where we left off -

He was on top & he went....CRAZY! Who would’ve know mike was good in the bed. He starts off with nice soft and gentle strokes I moan low and soft into his ear-Mikeeee- and that’s when it got real. He sped up the strokes and a loud moan slips out my mouth,he quickly uses his right hand to cover my mouth so my father doesn’t hear & he continues . After I get bored with being on the bottom I kiss him and make my way up top after kissing mike for a few minutes I went down. Mike grunts soft and softly moans,After being down for a couple minutes mike bust in my mouth and of course I spit it out . We where both tired so we stopped there .“I’m happy you decided to be my girlfriend Bell “ I laugh and say -oh really?- “really”. Me and mike have been going out for 6 months now and I still haven’t heard anything about my moms case ,I would love for mike to meet my mama. And that’s when a thought ran threw my mind -When mama get outta jail I would be leaving dad to go back home ,which means I would be across town again and far from mike. And I don’t think we can handle long distance,but I don’t want to leave mama alone in the house once she’s out of jail,so what am I going to do- I pause and let the thought leave my mind for now since I have yet to have heard anything new about her case after all it’s been 6 months so who knows what will happen now . On that note mike phones rings he answers “hello,Dad?” Over the phone “Hey,Mike I’m gone need you to run some things with me today is that alright ?” Mike reply “yeah dad that’s alright I’m on my way home now then” he hangs up the phone . Mike kisses me on the lips “text later on tonight ?” I smile -Yeah- with that Mike walks out of my room and out of the house and that hole morning I spend my time sleeping . Not knowing what was about to happen next ...

-The phone call-
My phone rings waking me up outta my sleep,I thought it was mike but it’s wasn’t . I pick up the phone and an auto Machine speaks “This is Crystal water Jail if you wish to accept the call please press 1 if you would like to decline the call please press 2 if we have the wrong person please press 3. I immediately press 1 to accept the call because I already knew who it was ,”please hold as we put you on with the Inmate” I wait as the line rings me threw. it finally does and my mother answers the phone “Hey bell” she goes I answer -Hey,mom how you been ?- “I’ve been okay it’s kinda shitty in here the way they treat people . But I have good news” I pause as I wait for my mom to finish her sentence. “There going to release me soon,I have court next week and they will be officially setting me free . Bell I’m coming home soon” I tell my mother -I can’t wait see you soon- and with that she hangs up and now the only thing I can think about is how I’m going to tell mike that I might be moving back to Crystal waters and I would no longer be living here in Rich Field . I try not to think about it to much so I know I’m going to have to tell mike later on tonight when we text it’s going to be hard but I try not to think to much about that instead I just lock my phone and go back to sleep .
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