Lost In A Way pt.2

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Chapter 2:

-Telling Mike-

It’s finally night and Mike texts me “Hey bell you still up ?” I reply -Yeah I’m up - he asks me how my day was & I told him it was okay and that I actually got a call from my mom today . It took mike no less then a second to respond “so what did she say anything new about her case yet ?” I knew I couldn’t lie to mike so I told him nothing but the truth-She’s getting outta jail soon. She has court next week and she told me that she’s getting set free so she’ll be home soon.- mike reply’s with “Oh,So are you going back to crystal waters or are you going to stay here ?” I pause for a second and Reread Mike’s message. I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t know the answer so the only thing I could say was - I don’t know yet. I mean when my mom gets outta Jail I don’t want her to be alone ,but at the same time I don’t want to move back across town and me and you are so far apart again.- mike goes “Bell,You know I’m going to respect what ever decision you make because I want you to me nothing but happy . So what ever you choose will make it work “ I smile at my phone with a bit of relief knowing that mike isn’t upset . Although I know he would really want me to stay and not leave but that’s something to think about later ,And with that I tell mike I’m going to bed so I say goodnight . “Night bell “

-A lot in mind -

With everything going on right now my mom about to get outta jail , me having to decide if I’m staying or leaving , and me just not knowing the answers to anything it’s all pretty stressful. My thoughts are interrupted by my father as he walks in the room and snaps his fingers “you okay bell ?” I come back to reality to answer his question I didn’t want to lie to my dad either so I also told him the truth . -Not really mom, has court next week and she’s being set free so now I have to decide if I want to stay or leave because I don’t want to leave mom in the house alone while she just got out of jail but I also don’t want to move back across town again and me and mike are so far apart .- my dads walks all the way into my room and sits on my bed “ Bell , at the end of the day the choice is yours . But think of the pros and the cons . You stay in rich Field your not only away from your mom your also away from all your friends. But you go back to crystal waters you’ll have ur mom and your friends but you’ll be away from you dad and your boyfriend . So you see what ever you decide your away from a set of people anyways “ on that note dad walks out my room . And he goes “oh and if you do decide to stay I would have no problem with you living here permanently “ I smiled and said -Thanks dad.- “and oh don’t think I didn’t hear what you and mike was doing in here yesterday cause I heard it all” my eyes go wide as my dad says that and my dad being a dad he sarcastically started making fun of me “oh mikeee oh mikeee!” I laugh as he walks away-Dad! Ha- 

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