Lost In A Way pt.2

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Chapter 3

- school day-

School comes back around of course and my head really isn’t here but I pull my self together to get threw the week and I then remember I need my answers before Friday that’s when mom court date is . Before I can think about it some more mike calls me “Morning Bell you ready to go bae?” -Yeah,I’m coming out now-

“Okay” on that we hang up and I walk out the door and get into Mike’s car . It was quite and we was just listening to music ,I knew mike wanted to talk about it because the court date is Friday but I also knew he didn’t want to push me so he didn’t say anything and neither did I . We get to school and mike tells me to have a good day I said -Same to you mike- and we both walk into the school and end up going to different ways to get to class .

-School In session-
School is in session and I can’t even focus I try my hardest to pull my self together so I can do what needs to be done today . Lunch comes around and I see devin even though I didn’t pick devin to be my boyfriend me and Devin where still friends . Devin walks up to me and gives me a hug I hug him back -hey dev-“Hey bell” me and Devin sat at lunch together and just talked and laugh until lunch was over and it was time to get back to class . As always after lunch school basically flys by. 2:30 hits and me and mike are already making are way to the car to go home .

-Car ride -

In the car it was the same vibe we had when we were going to school . Quite and just listening to the radio I knew mike wanted to talk about it so I cut the radio off and said -Do you wanna talk about it ?- mike keeps his eyes on the road although he does hear me “Only if you want too Bell “ I tell him that I’m having a hard time deciding but I’m trying to get an answer before Friday because that’s her court date- “Bell you know I care about you so like I told you before what ever you decide will make it work .okay?” I say -Okay- even tho that’s not what mike wanted to hear , I know mike is hoping for the best but he does really want me to be happy . Guess I just have to think about it more until Friday .

We get back home and mike tells me that he’s helping his dad out today in the garage. So he asked me if later on tonight would I want to talk about my mom and me staying situation on the porch. I tell mike -Yes- and with that I get out of his car and walk into the house . Dad asks me how was my dad and I tell him that it could’ve been better he tells me it’s going to get better I tell him I hope so and I make my way to my room and I change my clothes put up my hair and sit on my bed listening to some music trying to figure out some answers before tonight when I talk to mike so I can actually give him some answers and not -I don’t know yet and I’m still thinking- hours pass and it’s about that time for me to talk to mike ....
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