Lost In A Way pt.2

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Chapter 4:

-Talking with mike-

It’s about that time and me and mike are sitting on my porch talking . We started off with the basics like how was school,what we did when we got home and Etc. Then of course it got down to what we really wanted to talk about . “So have you decided what your going to do yet ?” I didn’t want to lie to mike and give him an answer I might not keep just to make him happy so I say -To be honest mike I don’t know . I’m stuck and it’s hard to chose - my voice cracks and I begin to cry silently hoping mike doesn’t look my way or hear me . Mike comes closer and wraps both arms around me and tell me “it’s okay will figure it out sooner then later “ I tell mike thank you for being so understanding and not acting like how any other boy would act . Mike laughs and says “you want me to cause I’ll start Lol” I chuckle and tell him no I like how you act . It gets late so me and mike call it a night ,mike kisses me softly on the lips and we tell each other good night .

-Flew by -
This week flew by quicker then any other week . It was already Thursday and tomorrow was moms court date ,the day she gets outta jail . School wasn’t really a bug today cause it kinda just flew by too, I was happy because I finally made a decision and I knew what I was going to do and I love my mom and don’t want to leave her alone and I love mike and don’t want to be far apart from him and with that I came up with what exactly I’m going to do . So tomorrow it will be done just hopefully nobody’s made at nobody cause like dad said “It’s my decision “ and I’ve made one and I’m sticking to it .

- Friday morning-
It’s Friday finally! Today I didn’t go to school because of moms court . Mike went to school today So he didn’t know what was going to happen. I get out of bed and get dressed so me and dad can go to moms court . Me and dad are in the car and I tell my father how I’ve made an decision dad tells me he’s going to be proud either way I smile and on that note we reach the court house we get there and the judge is already talking . Since there’s no evidence against my mother she is being set free and it was as simple at that . With that dad drove mom home, me and mom was catching up in the back seat of the car on the way there I told her about mike she told me everything she’s going to do now and we both smiled and laugh the hole way there . Dad finally pulls up in the drive way and before mom gets out of the car and dad looks back at us mom asks me what am I going to do...Come home to crystal waters or stay with my dad in Rich Field ? I paused for a moment before I answered . I Knew the only reason mom didn’t move to rich field was because she couldn’t find a job there and dad didn’t live in crystal waters because he couldn’t find a job here and with that I knew exactly what to do ! So as I come back from my thoughts with both of my parents looking at me I finally say my decision out loud .
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