Lost In A Way pt.2

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Chapter 5:

- Get together-

I tell my parents that I would prefer we discuss this when mike was around so I suggested that we go to rich Field and that’s where we went . I called Mike and asked him to come over he come and he greeted my mother and my father ,we all sat down on the couch and everybody was just waiting for me to announce my decision. But just before I do I discuss something else first Mom, I knew you didn’t move here because you could’ve find a job and I knew dad didn’t move to crystal waters because he couldn’t find one there and that is what caused y’all to separate because y’all found jobs but y’all where living across town . Away from each other but that is about to be solved today . Because mom I found you a job here in rich Field and it’s yours if you want it and you can stay here with me and dad if dad likes or you can buy an house over here.mom , is over joyed with tears and dad could do nothing but smile my parents had got back together the day my mom was released from jail my mother said of course she’s going to take the job and of course she’ll live here with dad . They where both very happy but now they all wanted to now my decision and so it came down to that . 

- My decision-
So finally I tell my parents and my boyfriend my decision on where I’m going to live . And I said...that I am....going to live.....In....Rich field! My parents where so happy ,My boyfriend was happy , I was happy , we were all happy ! And I liked that me and my family are going to be staying together and living in rich field .

-Mom move in -
On that note the next day me ,my mom ,dad,& mike went back to crystal waters to get my mother’s things & clear the house and give the house back to it’s owners . We then drove back to rich field and Unpacked everything and made it officially ARE home .
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