Lost In A Way pt.2

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Chapter 6:

-Months later -

Months later me and mike were in are last year of High school and my parents already paid off there house and me and mike was already saving up money for when we graduated to get are house . Could you believe we only have 1 month left till we graduate and me and my family planned to make the most of it . We had family trips we went to crystal lake half the summer ,then went camping the other half , went to Rich rock park for spring break and land maze for thanksgiving break .we all were together just having fun!

- About that time -
It was about that time ! Me and mike we’re graduating! Me and him are so happy . My parents where so happy his dad was so happy . Every was just happy ! It was a good day, after we graduate me and mike went ahead and brought an house with the money we’ve been saving. after wards we both got jobs and we eventually paid off are house too . Afterwards we where just living are best life !!!! I Bell.Anne.Rose is living a good life with Mike Scott.
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