Easter Crisis

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A unpopular kid named glen becomes best friends with a lunatic called the easter bunny. Soon the boy is transformed into the easter bunny. Making his worst wish come true. He is trained on how to lay eggs and also the booty defence. Soon the kid is attacked by Santa and his girlfriend the easter bunny's daughter. And is forced into a dance battle for the fate of easter

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Chapter 1

Like in all weird books this one will start with an unpopular kid named glen. Who has a crush on some popular girl named Jessica who has no use for him except copying his homework answers. But he takes this chance to just sigh and wish he was different. As usual this kid has a sad story too. His mom passed away when he was just 6 years old. He just wished he was as confident as his mom. So this kid stays with his dad who is trying to slay some waiter but am pretty sure that his using him for his money. Because when he became broke she ran away like she just saw Dwayne Johnson pass. Anyway so glen has this weird life he has a best friend who he secretly also has crush on. But he was rejected. So a month before easter he starts planning on how to slay Jessica, he found out the best way to get Jessica was to kill every jock in the school. Even if he would do that he would never be liked by jessica. So the best option was to kill every boy in the school. The kid carries his sad life back home. He takes a short nap and suddenly smells an order that was so bad bad it cannot be explained. This forced him to wake up. What he saw was even worse than his worst nightmare which was when he was kissing the school principal. He was filled with sweat, he smelt like a babys but when it has left some business in its diaper. Two of his teeth were yellow and the others were kinda blue and black. He was letting out fumes like it had eaten a lake of beans. Oh no it is laying an egg. The egg is yellow with a contrast of black. I recognise such eggs anywhere, glen said it was an easter egg. Meaning the excuse for a living thing that he was looking at was the easter bunny. Guess what this was way worse than kissing the lip pimple on the principals lips. It had this squeaky voice and gooy paws like he was a stink fest by itself. It crawled to glen and told him your the next waster bunny. Glen screamed as loud as he can . When his mom came in, he disappeared but unfortunately the stench didn't. His mom was so happy. I think she thought he was finally going through puberty. And then gave him a long lecture about life changes. As soon as he went the guy appeared again and said you think you can get rid of me that easily, am the Easter bunny. The guy prophesied with a squeakier voice that glen would soon transform into the easter bunny. Glen screamed even louder. He then thought it was a nightmare. Unfortunately it wasn't.

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