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#COMPLETE She is a Lady, but she spews profanities like they were made for her. She is what you would call....A F*cking Lady. ....••••••.... Zylith Sanders was a mundane teenager until one-day she was sucked into a wash basin and somehow rediculously ended up in a feudal world without her beloved games and movies. To make matters worse, she was sold off by slave traders to the horrid Noble house of Ronales as a petty maid. But that was not the end of her worries, Dear Zylith, the feminist had a long struggle ahead of her when she meets the mighty King of this feudal kingdom and becomes his pretend consort. With a king that likes to poke deadly humor at her, and a bamby girl who wanted nothing to do with the ancients. How will the poor teenage feminist cope with only her sarcastic mouth to rely on! Just dive in and read on to find out Zylith Sander's romantic plight.

Humor / Fantasy
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Prologue 🎐 Arc ~ I • Rabid Cinderella


THE rattling of the huge carriage as it treaded off the rocky road jolted me off my sleep. I must've dosed off.

I couldn't really blame myself. That just went to show how very tired I was to be able to doze off in a situation such as this.

Today, I am most probably going to be beheaded.

To be Continued...........

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