Mia's Nightmare

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Eighteen years old Mia is a senior year student at St James high school. Eighteen years of life so far has been classed average to her. Average in the sense that, she had a happy home, friends and a little fun. Mia wishes for nothing less than completing her studies, having a job and then raising a family. Yeah! Typical teenage girl dreams. Those were her plans and the little she could explain about her life. What happens when life decides to give her a different story and a completely different point of view to everything. A ones beautiful and normal life became her worst Nightmare. Will Mia be able to handle the unfolding secrets in her life as events takes turns to reveal themselves?

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter 1


An annoying sound keeps ringing besides my bedside cupboard, I'm too tired to get up and stop it so I decided to cover my ears with my pillows and sleep for a little longer. Thank God the sound stopped.

Just when I'm about to go deep into my sweet sleep again, it starts all over. Urghhhh ! I angrily shove into my cupboard after putting it off. Yeah, that's for waking me up asshole, no it doesn't have an ass nor a hole talkless of the two combined, errrh stupid thoughts.

I'm definitely in my fowl mood today as I lazily walk into the bathroom to have a bath. Well if you haven't noticed yet, I'm not a morning person and I love my sleep. You might want to take note of the word love, yeah, love!!!

I quickly have my bath, dress up into a black skinny jeans and blue t shirt with a pair of convers and I stride downstairs for breakfast. Mom is setting the table already and I can get the scent of freshly prepared bacon and eggs.

"Morning Mom"

I lazily pull out the words from my mouth .

"Morning honey. Someone's in a fowl mood as always" mom gracefully smiles at me.

My mom is awesome, how she manages the home so well and work is just unexplainable. Mom is a nurse so she's always busy working during the day and sometimes night shifts. Dad walks in few minutes later already dressed for work as usual. I greet him with a little smile, my fowl mood instantly reducing just a tiny little bit.

"Morning my angel" dad places a feather kiss on my forehead.

Dad is a business manager in one of the biggest company's in the country. He's very busy but he makes out time to be with me. He's a better listener than my mom so I'm just crazily in love with my dad. He's fun and full of humor.

Uncle Ben walks in and we all exchange small greetings as well. Uncle Ben is my dad's younger brother. He's a lawyer and he lives with us because Dad loves him so much and he isn't married as well. Heard him talking of moving out soon, I'm not quite sure but I'm happy having him around. I'm happy having them around, even though they're busy most of the times.

And that's it for my beautiful family. I would say we fall under the morderate class in terms of riches. Dad gives me enough allowance to cater for myself since he's mostly busy. Well if you haven't noticed, I'm the only child to my parents and may i add the fact that it's so boring and lonely being the only child! I just end up thinking a lot and talking to myself most of the times, mind you that I don't voice my thoughts out loudly though. I think there's a subconscious that replies. Gosh I'm zoning out again.

Breakfast goes by so fast with small chats here and there from my parents and uncle Ben. The bus stop is a ten minutes walk from my house, so I make my way to the bus stop and ones I'm seated in the bus, I relax a little and try to calm down my breaths. Yeah, you figured it out already, I'm not a fan of walks and strolls or whatever they're called, Dad promised to get me a car ones I'm done with high school. I bring out my iPhone and decide to listen to music which is another thing about me, I love music but I'm a sucker in dancing but I still try though.

Few minutes later, I'm walking to my locker along with my two best friends; Desi and Jannel, I call her Janny for short. She's the Barbie doll in the crew, that best discribes her.

We lastly saw each other just some few hours back that is yesterday, but Janny won't stop talking of upcoming parties, movies she watched, dresses she saw online, new trend of bags, jewelries, and ohhhh Noah, how could I forget her "love of her life". I mentally roll my eyes and decide to zone out to a quiet world with no Janny and high pitch voices. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends so much but...Janny's really loud sometimes, who am I kidding? All the times. That's just Janny anyway.

Then there's Desi, girl of few words. She's self reserved and very beautiful but the few she says are so heavy and you sometimes find yourself holding your ribs to support laughter or crying your eyes out after she's given you a piece of her mind, either way tears is involved. What can I say, she brings out the "miss emotional" in me. She's damn straightforward. Ohhh who did we forget! Me off course, who; zones out most of the times, avoids parties, and laughs at the closest thing to weird because...well I'm weird, no no no no, I take that back, I have a different sense of humor (smiles), Sounds better, yeah a different sense of humor.

We amble for our first class, maths,which happens to be a common course along the few we share. I hope you aren't surprised??? Yes maths, I might be slightly slow (note the sarcasm) but I'm a little books person. I study enough to take me to the next class because I do have goals I want to achieve. Lessons past by almost in a blur and it was the end of school for the day.

Desi, Janny and I were making our way out of school to the bus stop when Janny speaks up again

"Noah's party is this weekend!!! OMG! I still need to get a dress to wear and ohhh my makeup, my hair..."

And she kept going on and on about things to be done. Yesss I zoned out again. I heard my subconscious calling for me countless times, then I feel a tap on my shoulders. Ohhh it was Janny calling and from the look on her face she's waiting for a response from me. Shit!!! What was it she was blabbing about again, yeah Noah...

"Are you listening to me at all?" Janny asks me. Well f***k, with a weak smile I respond

"Off course I am. What was it you asked again"

She rolls her eyes at me, then repeats herself again

"We all are going to Noah's party right Mi?" She's asking me but the look on her face is totally not in line with her words, it's like she's daring me to say no. I don't like going to parties that much but I can't say anything with that look she's giving me, so with the most painful smile I could offer

"Sure, why not"

I half screamed to show her how excited I was. The broad smile that appeared on her face was enough to make me forget about my dislike for parties. Janny then starts talking of arrangements for the party, I roll my eyes at her. Seriously, she needs to chill, I know Noah is her boyfriend and all that but she's over doing it with all the excitement coming out from her. That amount of energy could be put to productive use.

About Noah, he's in his second year of college and he has been dating Janny for two years now. They're good together and I think they'll last long because well they're just good together. Desi for the moment isn't in a relationship because she's still heartbroken from the last relationship. To cut the long story short, the guy is a bastard.

Then myself as you must have figured out, I'm single as Pringle. Is that sentence even correct? Whatever, yeah I'm single and don't ask me why because I don't know. While Janny is still at it about clothes and shoes, Desi is just silently listening but I didn't miss the smile on her face as well.

So we're partying this weekend!!!! I think that's supposed to be a yayyyy!!!


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