Black Alice

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"Its true. People get in relationship because of guilt and pity and not love. You said it yourself. I was the black girl no one wants to date and you did because you felt pity for me!" She screamed in tears. "No its not true Alice, I ~" she cut him off with the bang of the door behind her. Alice watson known as black Alice as the name already describes her, was the only black girl in a white neighbourhood. She had changed schools for the best one. At least that's what she thinks. There was no racism, no bully and no stereotyping in cloverfield public school. But when she started getting more attention from the three remaining boys competing in a quest game(oblivious to her), she couldn't be more excited. A an ex who had resigned being an alter sever because of her, a crush who can't stop loving her since primary school and a secret admirer who entices her with honey and nectar words. For the first time in the 25 years of the establishment of The Bad Boys Club, secrets splattered across media and out of their website. Who could give them out like that? Unless it is one who is in the club but who? And watch how many will lose something out of the revealed secrets. Respect, trust and love flew out of the window like paper planes. Who will suffer the most? Alice and her friends or her bad boys? "It was suppose to be fun right?"

Humor / Drama
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"Bad Boys Club has been in existence for 24years and you are not going to bring it down.

30 bad boys, 3 school rivals , 55 levels and 1 championship trophy.

It has only three simple rules.

Rule number 1: don't sell your friend.

Rule number 2: for every level produce an evidence.

Rule number 3: don't tell anyone about the club even if its to save your life.

This years competition is going to be serious!

Who is going to be the years Baddest boy?

Its the silver jubilee!!!"

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