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A girl who thinks we only live to study and get a good job.One who does not believe that having fun is part of life.Nothing and no one is able to change her mind but what happens when one of the guys at her school,all favourite vlogger Tony Raven makes her take a part in his videos.Will just one adventorous day out in all ten months be able to change her mind about life? "I am ready to do that!" - Tony

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It is not such a bad idea?

Hey guys!I just wanted to say hello because this is my first story on inkitt.I am thinking of putting this into contest.I hope that you will like this and don't mind the fact thqt the first chapter is not really long.It is more like a plot just so you understand what it is about and decide if you will go further and read or stop reading.This may be my first book on here but it is not the first book that I have written.I will try to post some of the other ones too here and on wattpad.So welcome to Rage Yion-ish book.I am your guide through this story.

Tony's pov

"Hey guys!Welcome to Fun-ny To-ny.The last video was a blast,was not it?But it is not what we are going to be talking about today!

The idea behind this video is letting you know my new plan.There has been many suggestions on the last video about what I should post next and I really liked one of them.What was the username of the suggestor Pam?" - I asked Pam.My best friend who has been helping me take videos for my channel for as long as I remember.I tend to be very forgetful and that is why she helps me with the details.

"How should I know?You did not tell me.Said it was "Mega Secret!"

"Dam!I totally forgot."

"Why am I not surprised?" - *chuckles*

"So guys..as you know I am a big forgetful fish so let's just delete this and take a new one or..Why am I even talking?No one will see this.Maybe in the bloopers edition?"

I motioned for Pam to stop recording.My mind was a total salad at the moment.It may be because the thoughts were all rushing inside my head trying to get to finish first but it also may be because I am craving a salad?

''Shall we take another shot or.."

"Never mind.I will just go live and tell the news there or we will never finish because of my fish-ish brain."

I took out my phone ready to go live and share the news as soon as possible.If I wait for another minute I might spill the details but we don't want that,do we?

"You are forgetting something..again."

I looked at her with confused eyes trying to understand what she meant but as always her eyes did not give anything out.Look,I really love Pam.She is a great friend and has helped me a lot throughout my whole life but I hate it when she does this!

"The username,stupid!"

"How do you dare?!I thought we were friends!" - While saying that I put both of my hands over my heart faking hurt.

"Stop being a drama queen!People are waiting."

"Could have called me drama king,you know?" - *chuckle*

I soon noticed the glare she was throwing me and knew it was time to shut up.

"Okay..okay.Chill woman.."

"Never tell a woman to chill Tony or you will get an incoming kick both where sun does and does not shine!"

Crazy *ss..

I pushed the button to go live ready to spill the tea or beans or whatever is that girls love to say.I know I am a guy but girls have some cool phrases so..

"Hey guys!Your Tony here.I decided to tell you about a new video suggestion that I got from one of my follower.Thank you userinvisible19 for this suggestion.I really loved it and I am sure others will too.It will make new college year more fun and exciting and we all know that is the purpose of my life.Having exciting fun!So here is what he or she suggested.I will just read it out.

"Hey Tony!I am a huge fun and want to give a cool idea about new videos.I think it will be really cool if you choose one person at your college and give them a taste of how does it feel to spend one day in each of the 10 months with the funniest person on the earth.And it will be even more exciting if you choose a quiet person for that.It is your choice if you want to take those videos with a boy or a girl but I think that girl is a better option because people will really love it."

"Guys that was the idea and I think it is really cool.Strange that it only got 16 likes.I am guessing that you liked this idea as much as me from the comments and let's hope it will come out to be great!I will tell you news on the way.But for now stay tuned for my new video that will come out tonight.It is a part 2 of "What moms think?" as you asked.Ba-Bye!"

*Live over*

"That was not bad at all.But do you even know who you are going to choose?"

"Of course.I would not have told people about this if I did not have everything planned.Just hope that she will agree."

"Hope?You have not told her yet?"

"No need to worry.I am sure she will agree."

"Whatever you say.But one question still stands."


"Who did you choose?"

"No way!"

"Yes way!"

"Are you kidding me?Aubree Brooks?"

"What is wrong with her?"

I asked in a confused tone.

"Maybe the fact that she is a total quite-ie?!"

"That is the whole idea Pam."

"She will never agree."

"Do you really believe that charm of my dimples won't be able to persuade her?"

"You are crazy!"

"Oooh..Am I?I will go and ask her right away."

I was already walking towards Aubree with my usual,confident stroll when I heard Pam say.

"This won't end good.."

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