the life of a high school teenager

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this book isn’t about your average teenager, it is about my life. the twists and turns and how my life changed due to certain events. if you are triggered by bullying, sexual assault or suicide please do not read.

Humor / Adventure
Emily Durrant
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my new school...

So I would start with once upon a time and really hope this book was a fairy tale, but no it’s not. Today was the day that I started on my journey at a whole new high school. I was your average 12 year old girl 2 months away from finishing year 8. I was innocent and very mature, I never broke rules and was always good to my parents. But I didn’t realise how much this school would change me for better and for worse.

So of course I was so nervous on my first day and I get guided into the assembly hall full of loads of students and as everyone was leaving the first thing I do is miss a step coming out of the hall and face plant the floor, it was not fun at all. But I brushed it off acted like I didn’t care and continued on my day. My classes were weird and the teachers were a lot different to my other school and so were the people. All I kept thinking was “how bitchy are these people?”

When break came I was happy but nervous I had made some new kind of friends, it was weird. But as I was stood with them, some boys came up and started gawking me in a take the piss kind of way and I’d never had to deal with that kind of thing before. Let’s just say I was always the ugly duckling, so to speak. And because I was so nervous the only words I could get out were “fuck off!”

Honestly really regretted that!!!

But it happened and I just have to accept it. Well let’s just say some people weren’t too keen on me after that. But I didn’t care if I’m being honest, like I said they were quite bitchy.

I know right now I sound like the worst person you have ever met and trust me I don’t blame you but my story is just beginning this is just the ice breaker.

I had my day but there’s one thing I forgot to mention, I had (and still do have) major social anxiety. To make a new friend to me is like jumping off a 10 story building. It terrifies me and not being accepted is even worse.

So for my first month of being there I would go home every single day and cry my heart out to my mum and beg her to let me move back to my old high school. She put it down to the fact that I missed my old friends because at that point no one was aware of my social anxiety.

Well I managed to make friends their names were Keira, Ellie N, Ellie C, Louise and Megun. In the group we would call Ellie N - Els. Ellie C - Ellie. So I’ll be referring to them as the names from our group.

I was closest to Keira and Els. They were my best friends for nearly 2 years and honestly without them in my lives I wouldn’t have had the amount of fun I had but I also wouldn’t have learnt some valuable life lessons.

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