The Relationship

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Back we the new story and this time I am here to present something new and real to all you guys... That is about our society So let's start our story......

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The Relationship

A girl name Suman lives in Delhi with her family, mom, dad, uncle, aunt and her cousin sister and studies at Delhi public school and she is the topper of the class and as well as head girl in the school. Teachers, we're impressed with her work and discipline. Not only in school, but she also maintains discipline. She used to wake up all at 6 am morning and take all with her for jogging.

One day when her family were doing jogging her father sawed that one of his old friends was coming in front of him he stopped him and both hugged each other and started crying. After some time then Suman's father introduced his friend to her family.

Suman's father and his friend were talking and suddenly Suman's father asked where is your son what is her study and all. Yes, he is doing well but he so neglects and irresponsible guy. Y not you may join him into the school where suman is studying right now trust me your son will be okay and he will be responsible also. Right I will take his admission now. Sorry, but what was his name. Shravan. Oh ok, cute name. Ok them bye friend meet you soon. Bye.

Sharavan's father asked his mom what is your son doing. To mean what are you for him. Ok madam sorry what is my son doing. He is sleeping. Get him up and tell him to be ready. But where you both are going. Not both we all are going. Where ?. To take his admission in Delhi public school. Go then. Sharavan's family went to school for taking his admission and they had taken. The principal called suman and told take him into your class he is your new classmate and new student to this school. And she is suman head girl of our school. Yes we know her she is my friend's daughter and sharavan's father introduced his friend's daughter, and they both went together to the classroom.

Sharavan Where are you from.Suman I am from Delhi and you. Same here. Ok. Y are u so tensed. Nothing just I don't like to talk with boys. Sharavan laughed and said don't worry I won't eat you. Mm not like that just I can't trust any boy. And y so. I don't but I don't trust. Okay, that would be fine. And the classroom comes.

Good morning everyone he is our new classmate Mr Sharavan. Sharavan says hello to the class. And he had to be disciplined in school. Which he doesn't have. He used to get punishment in every period. He was poor in studies and he was so careless in everything.

One day suman came nearby sharavan and said I will help you in your studies. Thank you suman. Not mention we are good friends now. Really. Yes but don't break my trust okay. Never.

She helped him too much and he was the 3rd topper of the class. He thanked suman and said that I will be with you forever as your bestie. Okay then let's welcome our new life with a small lunch. Okay done.

They both used to do top in class and they were successfully graduated in 10th standard and they both joined in the same college and used to study well and enjoy a lot their friendship was too deep and they respect to their friendship. They used to celebrate their birthdays in a hotel once Suman's birthday was planned by sharavan in a hotel with the grand arrangement. They both enjoyed their self and stayed in that hotel for that night not only they both but all members who were attended for that party was stood at that hotel. At that night suman wents to sharavan's room for talking and thanking him once again. They both talked up to the morning and then suman went to her room and slept for some time.

After that, they went to their homes and in the evening when Shravan's family was watching the news came in front of them and that was a boy and a girl had their party at the hotel and had something else in the hotel room and showing the cc video of suman when she was going into sharavan's room. Sharavan called suman what was going on suman watch the news. Yes, they were blaming on us what's wrong with them sharavan this. I am too confused suman I don't know why they are doing this. Please, do something sharavan. I will try to do something wait. Okay 😔. Don't cry suman everything will be okay.

Sharavan asked the hotel manager asked this video and why u had given it. If something goes wrong in my hotel what should I do? Mind your self okay we are just friends and we were just talking in that room. Okay, you had talked to her till morning. Mind your language. Don't shout and get out from here. And suman was totally depressed and called Shravan. What happened what did the manager said. And he said everything to her and she was at the balcony. Don't worry suman everything will alright. She committed to suicide, at last, she said thank you to being my friend, and she jumped from the balcony. Sharvan was too depressed and he too committed suicide after a week.

Like this, the society made their beautiful friendship the worst relationship

Not only this they were many lives had spoiled by this social media and this bloody society

Society is not good to live a safe and secure maintain distance...


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