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Tiger1 wants to be free from his owner and to be like others...but atlast it realized it's not good for us to leave as we like

Humor / Drama
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Assume two tigers named tiger1 and tiger2...

Now about tiger1

* Tiger1 grows in the control of owner(city)..the nature of tiger is to kill other living beings to eat right.....but not necessary owner supplying wat it needs....but it wants to preapare food by it's own by chasing and killing...

Now about tiger2

* Tiger2 grows up in a forest asuall,as common by killing...

* One day the forest was in quarrelling mood needs a king to rule the same time the owner and the tiger2 came that forest for a visit...... competition held for both tigers( to see the behaviour of two days and voting process)...owner had taken promise not to kill any one if only it was dead u should eat he said...tiger obeyed his words bcz it loyal to loves him...ok...after two days tiger1 owned....than tiger1 realized the good behaviour taught by the owner.....

Note:::::tiger1 and tiger2 are having same nature...same likes...same thoughts....but leaving it up to u

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