Life happens all around us it has meaning to it

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Life happens all around us has it meaning to it

Humor / Poetry
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Chapter 1

Sometimes in life we are very spoiled that we forget we almost have everything that we can do anything we litterally want. We just need to have very strong will to get things done. If family, friends is giving you advice based on things on their own based experiences listen to them all the way. Ask them questions at the end. Another thing we attend to think there is no way to our problems that's where we wrong. There is always something that can help yoga class, exercising on daily basis, dancing. Try confront your problems also resolve them figure out what it needs to be done about them. Don't be in rush to find love enjoy being single as much you can. I know sometimes it can be annoying if others have it can makes you feel odd one out. Just remember though we all got different situations from each other.

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