My ex best friends.

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Alexandera Geller , a regular teen who has everything a perfect brother, perfect school, perfect friends and perfect life that one could wish for. But what will happen if Alexandera's boy best friend turns into a playboy and another familiar boy from her past shows up.

Humor / Romance
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The perfect morning

*beep* *beep* *beep*

I wake up cursing the alarm. I hate mornings and I hate leaving the most comfortable bed . But I love the smell of pancakes that my elder brother makes .

So after I am up and done brushing, I run towards my brother and hug him

Meet Brice Geller , the most handsome, annoying but sweetest brother. He is now 21. He handles our mother's company named "The Geller Co." which is the highest earning company in whole California Florida and Hawaii.

Yes we are millionaires .

Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Alexandera Geller but I am usually called Alex. I am a 17 year old normal teen . I love food , my bed , my brother and a bunch of weird friends who are surprisingly some of the most popular kids . I love Riverdale.

" Well , why is my lil sis hugging me ?" asked Brice

"Well, because I loooooveeee thooooosseee " I answered pointing towards the pancakes .

"Oh I am depressed . My lil sis loves pancakes more than me" he said dramatically.

"Aww I love you both equally. " I said pouting

He laughed a little then stopped and hugged me saying " I am gonna miss you"

I started to frown "Where are you going again?"

"My dear,I have to go .It's a business trip. You know how hard it is for me to leave you alone." he said .

"But you just came from one " I said almost crying .

He said " I know but I have to go ".

I wanted to cry and ask him to stay but then I realised that he had to go and I can't do anything about that . So I said "OK but I want 16 dairy milk large".

"Cool I'll get you some , now go and get ready or you'll be late for school".

"Ok mom" I joked .

Then I finished my breakfast and took shower . I took out my plain oversized t-shirt and jeans and wore them . Leaving my hair open, I looked at the mirror and said to myself "It's a brand new day."

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