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*You've been. Added to the group chat FancymyPanties* Well it's not everyday you get added to a group chat. Especially if you are a mute who's never had friends. What happens with Scarlett when she gets the chance to make friends.

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Chapter 1

*You've been. Added to the group chat FancymyPanties*

Okay, who the hell added me?

Cameron did.

Dude don't rat me out.

How many times do I need to tell you to stop changing the fucking name!

Woah, chill dude.

Yeah, listen to your sister.

You guys added my sister!

No, I'm just a random potato that got added by mistake. I don't have any friends.

Bro that's sad af…

Tell me about it. These damn nurses won't let me go.


Are you like some sick chick? Are you even a chick?

No, I'm not a chick. I'm a human girl with breasts, girl parts, and periods.

Woah, we did not need to know that!

I'm just saying

Now back to the question

I was born with aphonia, the ability to not speak (for the ones who can't use big girl/boy words) I'm getting surgery soon so yeah.

Ugh! I hate hospitals!

Same, they are the most boring places to be ever!

Says the guys who are constantly sent to the hospital for seriously getting injured.

Don't tell me you guys do some weird stunt shit.

You guessed it.

Wow… that sounds awesome!

It is.


How old is everyone?




Really? You all are young. I'm 84 and a half.

You don't act your age.

I get told that a lot.

You know we don't believe you right?

And I'm supposed to believe you?

So, you all just going to send three dots.

Yeah. It's fun.

My brother is here, thanks for letting me use your time bye-bye.


See ya later alligator.

No ones going to question the fact we don't know her name?

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