Little Red

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Text 2

Stop throwing paper balls at me! We are in the middle of class!

Who is doing that?

Cut the bullshit cameron!

Guys stop texting you almost got me caught!

Oh? So you all are in school.

Sucks to be you.

Oh, did we accidentally reveal we were in highschool?

No, but I know now.

For the last fucking time stop texting!

×2 hours later×

Hey, Nia hows hospital life?

Boring but my name is not Nia.

I know I just improvised since you were born with aphonia you used the three last letters and it's Nia.

I can't tell if you are mocking me or are you incredibly dumb.

He's incredibly dumb.

Yeah he's worse than dumb.

So! Names! I'm Luke.

As you probably already know, I'm Cameron.

Although you can't see us, the one that just left to go get a drink is Alex.

I'm Scarlett, Just call me Lette.

Little Red it is.

Go Shove a shoe up your ass and stick a knife down your throat.

We got a violent one here.

You guys are cute together.

I can see little Lette's and Alex's already.

Lette, You never did tell us how old you are.

We didn't tell her our age either.

We are all 18 except for Alex he's still 17, how about you Lette?


Scar Scar

Little Red?

Maybe she's busy.

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