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During this time of lock-down, facemasks and social-distancing, I have been facing many challenges; mental and physical. I thought I would share my experience to encourage others and make them feel better. This was written in England so the laws might be different. My age is also below 15 so I my doing home-school. This might stop me from publishing as often. Hope you enjoy this book.

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Day 1 of Lock-Down


I woke up this morning to the wailing sound of my alarm. I really need to get that fixed. I got up and did my daily rotine, get dressed, hair, teeth and breakfast. Then I got sraight on to do my work, and I had so much I needed to do. That morning, I did three pieces of pain-staking work. I was over-joyed when it was time for lunch; I love food. We go hand in hand, food and I. Anyway, after luch and another two peices of work which were so hard it was crazy, I watched some funny cat videos which cheered me up. There was one when the cat chased a laser, it's paw hit the light switch and the cat turned off the light! It made me laugh for ages. Ahh, good times!

That night I thought about my friends, and wondered how they were doing. Deep down inside of me, I hoped that none of them were sick but, as a christian, I knew that if they went, they would be with God. I closed my eyes and slept in peace. I was glad day one was over, only 5 months left.

*I hope this is okay as it is my first book. I would love to hear your feedback but please no swearing or bullying. Thanks, have a good day.*

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